24 homes evacuated in Penticton due to potential landslide issues

Residents of 24 homes in a Penticton neighborhood have been asked to temporarily move elsewhere while crews a*sess the threat of a possible landslide.

“Earlier today, (City of Penticton) staff were informed of the presence of a large rock that could break, posing a potential threat to neighboring residences,” said the director of the Center of Emergency Operations, Kristen Dixon, in a press release.

“Staff immediately had the site examined by a professional geotechnical engineer and then made the decision to evacuate potentially affected properties. The city is working to further a*sess the area and develop plans to eliminate the risk of rockfall.

The homes are located in the northwest corner of the Pleasant Valley Mobile Home Park on Penticton Avenue.

Residents were informed by members of the Penticton Fire Department and municipal services of the potential threat earlier Tuesday afternoon. Emergency support services were activated at Fire Station 2 at 285 Dawson Avenue.

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“Residents are urged to come to the ESS center and register as this will allow us to continue to keep them informed of developments and next steps that may be needed to address the risk,” Dixon said.

A local state of emergency has not yet been declared, although the city’s emergency operations center has been activated to Level 1 and continues to evaluate the level of response needed.

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