4 superstars who could lead the women’s division as the next world champion after Rhea Ripley’s injury


  • WWE Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley has been injured recently.
  • Here are some favorites to replace Ripley at the company for now.

Less than a week after WrestleMania 40, WWE has already started preparing for their upcoming PLE Backlash. When Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley appeared in front of a sold-out Montreal crowd on Monday Night RAW, people witnessed something shocking. the exterminator Liv Morgan discussed the attack on her the previous week on RAW.

But before all that, Rhea announced something that the audience hardly noticed. In her promo, Mami revealed that she is officially withdrawing from the Women’s World Championship due to a shoulder injury. “I’ve been told that I have to give up the one thing that means the most to me: my Women’s World Championship,” said Mami.

Rhea Ripley relinquishes her title on RAW (Credit-X)
Rhea Ripley relinquishes her title on RAW (Credit-X)

According to WOR’s Brian Alvarez, Rhea will need 4-6 weeks to regain mobility followed by 3 months. That leaves a spot to fill in the women’s division, and there are several contenders for the women’s world champion.

While there is no information on how the new champion will be decided, there is much speculation as to how the new champion will be crowned. Many fans believe there will be a gauntlet match to determine the new champion. Despite the means, there is much debate as to who will be the next Women’s World Champion.

Rhea Ripley’s old rival Nia Jax

Overwhelming force Nia Jax has nothing but k*****g on her mind. He fought Riya on two different occasions but was unable to take him down. Seeing the intensity between the two, Jax has been a staunch enemy of the Eradicator and wants nothing more than a big gold belt around his waist.

Rhea Ripley vs. Nia Jax at Elimination Chamber 2024
Rhea Ripley vs. Nia Jax at Elimination Chamber 2024 (Credit- WWE and Wrestling Inc.)

As RAW introduces the new Women’s World Champion next week, Jax could be a strong contender to win it. Nia fought in a multi-woman match at Crown Jewel 2023 and a one-on-one match in the main event of Elimination Chamber 2024.

Bianca Bellaire

WWE’s EST is never out of the title picture and the same could be true here. While currently a part of SmackDown, Belair is sure to capture the gold and be at the top of his game once again.

With Ripley vacating her title, Bellaire is still the longest reigning Women’s Champion at 420 days. Seeing him back in the title picture would be perfect for his fans and would bring a lot of star power to RAW.

Alexa Bliss

With all the ongoing screen glitches and hints, people are speculating for the return of Uncle Howdy. With the return of Uncle Howdy, Alexa Bliss may also make her surprise comeback and surprise everyone. With an excellent build-up and hype, Bliss will surely be cheered by fans upon her return.

Five Feet of Fury has been a champion before and has been a fan favorite since aligning himself with Bray Wyatt. It will be interesting to see if Bliss finally returns and is crowned the new Women’s World Champion in front of her hometown crowd.

Liv Morgan

The main reason behind Rhea vacating her title was Liv Morgan’s attack as part of her revenge tour last week. With so much heat on her on the internet, Morgan is the clear favorite to become the new women’s world champion Given his history with Ripley, he could become one of the red brand’s top heels.

Liv can reign supreme as Women’s Champion and shake up the Women’s Division once and for all. Many speculate that Ripley will return at SummerSlam and face Liv for the title in an Instant Cla*sic bout. While there may be many other contenders for the vacant title, it will be interesting to see where WWE goes with this storyline.

As for Becky Lynch, she won’t be able to make it because she’s on vacation after coming up short at WrestleMania XL. This leaves a new face to shine and become the women’s world champion. Only time will tell who will be crowned as the new Women’s World Champion.

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