50 Cent didn’t “intentionally hit” a viewer in the face with a thrown microphone (lawyer)

50 Cent has claimed he didn’t “intentionally punch” any of his fans in the face after he angrily threw his microphone into the crowd at his concert on Wednesday.

“Let’s be very clear, as I told the LAPD this afternoon, my client Curtis would never intentionally hit anyone with a microphone,” his attorney, Scott Leemon, told Page Six in a statement Thursday.

“Anyone who says anything different doesn’t have all the facts and is misinformed,” the lawyer adds.

As Page Six previously reported, the hip-hop entertainer – born Curtis James Jackson III – was presented with several broken mics to use throughout his performance at the Crypto.com Arena in Los Angeles as he couldn’t take the frustration anymore.

“Let’s be very clear, as I told the LAPD this afternoon, my client Curtis would never intentionally hit anyone with a microphone,” his attorney Scott Leemon told Page Six.

Footage captured by fans shows 50 Cent, 48, violently throwing a microphone into the packed crowd, then punching concert attendee Bryhana Monegain in the head.

Monegain, a radio host for Power 106, suffered a horrific head injury, which had to be stitched up and wrapped in gauze, according to photos obtained by TMZ.

Grisly photos also show Moregain’s hands and shirt covered in blood from the open gash in his face.

50 Cent launches his microphone.
The rapper was seen throwing the mic in a fit of rage during his concert at the Crypto.com Arena in Los Angeles.

50 Cent on stage.
He was reportedly frustrated after the room kept handing him broken microphones.

A source in his late 50s told TMZ that Monegain was not supposed to be in the restricted section, although it’s unclear how that excuses his behavior.

Monegain reportedly filed a police report on Wednesday night and the ‘Candy Shop’ hitmaker was named a felony a*sault suspect.

Fiddy isn’t the only rapper to get upset for throwing a mic at a fan. Cardi B made headlines last month when she threw her microphone at an audience member for throwing cash at her during a show in Las Vegas.

Bryhana Monegain injured in the head.
The microphone of his spectator Bryhana Monegain in the head.

Bryhana Monegain's head injury.
She had to go to the hospital and have stitches.

Bryhana Monegain's hand covered in blood.
The radio host was covered in blood after being hit by the microphone.

The “Bodak Yellow” rapper was listed as a suspect for a*sault and battery after the person who was shot reported the incident to the Las Vegas Metro Police Department.

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A video materialized later, showing Cardi asking her fans to “splash water” in [her] py” and the DJ ordering the audience to “splash it”.

50 cents.
Monegain reported the incident to the police.
Kristina Bumphrey/startraksphoto.com

However, the Grammy winner clarified that she was angry with the drink pitcher for throwing the drink directly in her face.

“I don’t want to watch [like] that ghetto b***h,” Cardi said. “I said splash my py, not my face, b***h.”

Cardi has not been charged over the incident and the microphone she threw at the viewer was auctioned off for charity for a whopping $99,900 on eBay.

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