A CP Rail truck in flames after a collision with a train east of Kamloops | PKBNEWS

First responders are at the scene of train tracks east of Kamloops, where a CP Rail van was completely engulfed in flames after apparently hitting a train.

The on-scene commander said CFJC today that there were no injuries and that the train was not carrying dangerous goods. First responders are expected to turn the file over to CP shortly.


A CP train derailed near Taber on Wednesday morning

Sara King, a witness who came to the scene, said the fire was confined to the tracks and no one was inside the truck.

She added that the smoke was mostly white, not black.

“I saw the train [arms] were down, but they got on right away and I didn’t see a train,” King told CFJC Today. “I left the exit, looked left…and at first I thought the train was on fire because there was a lot of smoke and fire coming from the train.

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“It looked like the truck had collided head-on with the train. It was quite far down the tracks and he was already there when the train arrived.

In an email to CFJC todayCP Rail has confirmed that one of its freight trains hit a vehicle on the tracks near Lafarge.

CP says there were no injuries or derailments. The collision is under investigation.


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