A look back at the Saskatoon morning news: Monday, November 20 – Saskatoon

Oscar qualification for a Saskatchewan filmmaker, TLC@Home touching on the lives of children and the impact of El Niño on the province.

Here’s your morning look back for the Monday, November 20 edition of Saskatoon World News Morning.

Saskatchewan filmmaker qualifies for Oscars

Award-winning Canadian filmmaker Robyn Campbell and her team have qualified for 32 festivals around the world and won five awards.

His latest animated film Pivot is now qualified for an Oscar.

Campbell chats with Chantal Wagner about qualifying, what it means for her team and how people can watch the film.

TLC@Home touches the lives of thousands of children

Nearly 1,000 children in Saskatoon will receive gift packages from TLC@Home for the holidays.

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The a*sociation’s goal is to introduce children to holiday traditions that can sometimes be a burden for families.

Founder Shelley James looks at how they’ve touched the lives of thousands of children and how people can help.

What is El Niño weather conditions could impact Saskatchewan

November was mild in Saskatchewan, partly due to the El Niño weather phenomenon.

But what is El Niño and what impact could it have on the province this winter?

Meteorologist Peter Quinlan explains El Niño, its evolution and possible trends in temperatures and snow over the winter months.

Saskatoon Morning Weather Forecast: Monday, November 20

The wind is picking up — Chantal Wagner has your SkyTracker forecast for Monday, November 20 morning for Saskatoon and surrounding areas.

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