A proposal and love story of magical proportions in London, Ontario. area

The “magic” of lights took on a whole new meaning this week when Meagan Dove said “I do” to Ryan Kelly under thousands of lights outside London, Ontario.

After a month of planning and working alongside the local Magic of Lights team, Kelly proposed to his longtime girlfriend of nearly six years in the enchanted tunnel Monday night.

“I knew Meagan really loved Christmas lights and my goal was to only do this once in my life, so I wanted to make it special,” Kelly told PKBNEWS. “I sent a message to the team and we went from there. They supported me a lot [and] I’m super excited to help.

Before asking the big question, Dove said she had a feeling “something was going to happen.”

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“It was kind of funny because when we got there he said we had to reserve a time, which wasn’t true. He also said there was a walking part and to wear comfortable shoes,” she said. “As we started to walk through the tunnel, he stopped us and asked the question which was followed by an immediate ‘yes’ from me.”

The couple, originally from Pickering, met as employees at Lowe’s and have been together ever since. Although still in shock over the dazzling proposal, Dove added that her now fiancé “always knows how to make things special and thoughtful.”

“I didn’t know exactly what was going on, and I believe that marriage is something that everyone should talk about and not just some sort of answer to the question, but I think we both had no doubt about the fact that I was going to say yes,” she added.

Ryan Kelly and Meagan Dove.


Kyla Woodc**k, founder of Woodlo Productions who appears on local show Magic of Lights, said: “When you can do something special like this for someone that can truly change their life, it’s so inspiring . »

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“It’s just a different type of joy,” she added.

Magic of Lights events will take place this year in 21 cities across North America. Locally, the event at the Longwoods Road Conservation Area will support the Children’s Health Foundation, Thames Valley Children’s Center and the Children’s Health Research Institute.

Running until January 6, 2024, the annual Mount Brydges display features more than 2 million LED lights.

“It’s a very immersive experience,” Woodock said. “You can just put your family or friends in the car, and as you drive through the forest and park with the lights revealing themselves around every corner, you can really lose yourself in the whole experience.”

Magic of Lights – London / Facebook

First lit in 2021, Woodc**k said the show has also become something unimaginable.

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“Magic of Lights started because my husband and I were looking for something fun to do with our kids, and we had heard of a similar production in Ottawa where we have friends and family, so we decided to check with them,” she said. “My kids really loved it, and we thought it would be something our community would love, too.”

She told PKBNEWS that “the growth of this show is really in the number of people who come to see it.”

“We have people who come from 50 to 60 miles around town,” Woodc**k said. “Some people have even come from Windsor… We change the show every year and it seems to attract more and more members of the community from further and further away, which is excellent.”

From 50-foot decorated trees to “Christmas on Wheels,” Woodc**k added that “Magic of Lights is about experiencing joy and spreading it throughout the community.”

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