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An Iranian-American activist accuses Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of “empty words” and “clichés” about the way the federal government treated suspected Iranian agents operating on Canadian soil.

Masih Alinejad, a journalist and women’s rights activist based in Brooklyn, said The West Block host Mercedes Stephenson that the Canadian government must do more to respond to threats against Canadians of Iranian origin from agents of the Islamic Republic.

“Iranian-Canadians in Canada, we love Canada. We love peace, security and democracy. We love that Canada is a haven for, you know, honest people. And you are putting the lives of Canadians at risk,” Alinejad said in an interview at the Halifax International Security Forum.

“That’s what I can say, because otherwise he’s going to say a lot of empty words saying that you stand with the Iranian people. Now sit down and make decisions. How to protect human rights, how to protect democracy in Canada. Its very important.

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An investigation by Global’s current affairs program The new reality – who spoke with Iranian-Canadians, security and intelligence sources and legal experts – suggested there were more than 700, perhaps more, potentially dangerous individuals linked to the Iranian regime in Canada.

He also documented threats and intimidation against Canadians of Iranian origin, allegedly carried out by individuals in Canada linked to Tehran.

Alinejad knows what this intimidation looks like – and worse.

Alinejad fled Iran in 2009 following a disputed presidential election and subsequent crackdown, and has been a target of the theocratic regime ever since.

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) foiled an alleged kidnapping plot against the journalist in 2021, as well as an alleged a*sa*sination attempt the following year. The new reality reported that the FBI claimed both foiled plots were linked to the Iranian regime.

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Police said they found a loaded AK-47 in the car of one of the suspects, Khalid Mehdiyev, who had visited Alinejad’s Brooklyn home “multiple times.”

“I remember the day when, yes, the FBI showed me the text messages between the k**lers, one in New York, one from Iranian intelligence, saying that as soon as she got out, the show was over “, says Alinejad.

The PKBNEWS investigation found that the FBI, which protected Alinejad 24 hours a day, later told her to avoid traveling to Canada. If she left, it would take months to come up with a plan to keep her safe.

Alinejad is pushing the Canadian government to add the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) as a terrorist entity, which would impose sanctions on individuals and organizations dealing with the IRGC in Canada and ban members of the military branch from entering Canada . The United States designated the IRGC a terrorist group in 2019.

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The federal Liberals have sanctioned IRGC members but have so far resisted calls to officially designate the organization as a terrorist group under Canadian law.

“We continue to monitor and ensure that we are able to do everything we can to responsibly combat the impact of the IRGC,” Trudeau told reporters Tuesday in Maple Ridge, British Columbia.

“As I have said repeatedly, the Iranian regime responsible for the downing of PS-752, the murder of its own citizens and the murder of Canadian citizens, and its sponsorship of terrorism around the world, means that we will continue to do everything. It is necessary both to hold this regime accountable… and to protect Canadians.

Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre was more direct.

“To learn from (Global’s) report that there are) 700 (individuals linked to the regime) was staggering, and it requires immediate action to expel them,” Poilievre said in an interview last week.

The conservative leader said he wanted to see the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. listed as a terrorist entity in Canada, more sanctions against Iran and the creation of a foreign agents registry.

The year The new reality The investigation revealed that more than 700 a*sociates linked to the regime were operating on Canadian soil and threatening the lives of certain Canadians.

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In a statement, the RCMP acknowledged having received “information indicating foreign interference committed by or at the direction of the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

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