Abused Calgary Dog Adopted by Good Samaritan Who Reported Attack – Calgary

Amber, the German Shepherd rescued from abuse in August, was adopted on Wednesday.

Police said officers responded to reports that a man was actively abusing a dog while walking in Inglewood around 7.40pm on August 15. According to an August 19 press release, a witness confronted the suspect about his behavior towards the animal. Police said the suspect allegedly threatened the witness.

The Calgary Police Department said officers were initially unable to locate the alleged suspect, but they notified Calgary Community Standards and the Calgary Humane Society (CHS).

On August 17, police said they received a tip and were able to identify the suspect. Officers then launched a joint investigation with CHS’s Investigation and Protection Department.

Police said the dog belonged to the Alberta Rescue Foundation (ARF) and was being housed by the alleged suspect at the time of the incident. ARF immediately removed the dog from his custody.

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Amber was taken to a forensic vet for examination, who found the injuries to be consistent with abuse. Amber was released into ARF care.

She is now adopted by the man who reported the abuse.

“He will be a fantastic dog for walks along the river and around the Inglewood neighborhood,” said Dennis Sorenson, Amber’s new owner.

“I think there will be a lot more hair in the house.”

Sorenson said he was grateful for Calgarians’ support after the alleged abuse broke. Many Calgarians reached out to Sorenson to help get Amber back into ARF care.

“I just kind of wanted to defuse the situation,” he said. “But since it wasn’t going anywhere, I thought it best to document it. It is a very emotional event for people.

“I don’t think we could have asked for a better ending.”

Tanaya Jilg, Executive Director of ARF, said she was delighted to see Amber will be in a safe and loving home.

“Obviously it has been very devastating and upsetting for everyone, because our volunteers take such good care of the animals every day. It is their top priority. Seeing Amber find an amazing home is simply all we wish for all the animals that come into our facility every year,” she told PKBNEWS.

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“Dennis helped solve the case. He’s been amazing ever since we saw those horrific images online. Dennis comes here regularly to bond, spend time with Amber and gain her trust.

Holly Montgomery, owner of Tail Blazers health pet food store, launched a community appeal in August for supplies for Amber after reading news of her abuse.

Many people came to her store to buy treats and toys for Amber, she said, and vendors even donated some products.

“I think they felt really good and they could actually do something to help and maybe the thought of her being happy made them happy,” Montgomery said.

“She’s going to have more than enough to play now.”

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