Al Roker celebrates Christmas with family after hospitalizations

Al Roker is definitely feeling the holiday spirit.

The ‘Today’ meteorologist – who was recently in and out of hospital – shared a family photo on Christmas Day.

In the photo, Roker, 68, sits at a table laden with food, with his wife, Deborah Roberts, 62, and their children: Leila, 24, and Nick, 20.

Roker’s eldest daughter, Courtney, 35, and her husband, Wesley Laga, were also in on it.

All wore identical bright green pajamas decorated with “Peanuts” characters.

Another photo revealed the family dog, rescue pup Pepper, in a matching outfit.

“From our family to yours, #merrychristmas,” he captioned the photo.

In a previous post, Roker shared that the family was enjoying a Christmas breakfast of bacon, arugula, Gruyere cheese, frittata and homemade cinnamon rolls courtesy of Courtney.

Earlier this month, the genial TV personality returned to the “Today” show virtually after back-to-back hospitalizations.

Al Roker, Deborah Roberts and children.
Roker shares two children with his wife, Deborah Roberts.

“It’s been hard work, I’m not going to deny that,” the meteorologist told his co-presenters. “It’s been the hardest yet, and you know I’ve had my share of surgeries.”

Roker noted that he had “some weakness” after losing muscle mass in the hospital.

Al Roker's dog, Pepper.
The family dog, Pepper, wore a matching peanut-themed outfit.

“I do physiotherapy every day, occupational therapy. I just have to recover my strength,” he added. “I feel good. I feel strong. Every day I feel a little better.”

In November, Roker explained his absence from NBC’s morning show.

“Last week I was admitted to hospital with a blood clot in my leg which sent clots into my lungs,” he wrote on Instagram. “After a medical boost, I’m so lucky to be receiving amazing medical care and being on the mend.”

He was discharged from hospital but unfortunately had to be readmitted less than 24 hours later.

The family enjoyed a delicious Christmas breakfast.

Roker family Christmas breakfast.

The family enjoyed a delicious Christmas breakfast.


Roker’s poor health forced him to step down as co-host of “Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade” for the first time in 27 years. He also missed the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree lighting.

The Daytime Emmy winner has battled other health issues over the years, including carpal tunnel surgery and hip replacement surgery.

In November 2020, the TV presenter shared her diagnosis of prostate cancer with viewers, noting that the disease was “a bit aggressive” despite having caught it “early”.

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