Albertans asked to reduce their electricity consumption Tuesday evening as a “grid alert” is issued for the province | PKBNEWS

Albertans were urged to reduce their electricity consumption on Tuesday evening as the entity responsible for the province’s electrical system issued a “grid alert.”

“(Grid alerts are issued) when the electrical system is under stress and we prepare to use emergency reserves to meet demand and maintain system reliability,” the electrical system operator of Alberta in a post on its website.

“Consumers are urged to reduce their electricity use during grid alerts to help mitigate the possibility of taking more serious emergency actions to balance the system, including rotating blackouts.”

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The alert was issued at 6:14 p.m. An AESO spokesperson told PKBNEWS that there were two main reasons the system was stressed enough to trigger the alert: an unexpected generator outage and a planned outage of the Alberta/BC interconnection, which meant that Alberta could not import electricity to make up the shortfall.

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He added that due to weak winds in the province on Tuesday, there was not enough wind power available to help offset the shortage.

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