An emergency simulation exercise will take place in Penticton – Okanagan

Don’t panic. It’s just an exercise.

The City of Penticton says a two-day training exercise will take place next week and residents will see an influx of emergency personnel and vehicles to the area.

The training exercises will take place on September 19 and 20 and will include simulations of a landslide, building collapse, parking lot collapse and water evacuation.

“The exercise will simulate a provincial response to an extreme weather event when multiple technical rescues are required,” the city said, noting that flight operations will also be part of the two-day simulation.

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“The scenarios will be set in and around Penticton and will include elements such as building collapses, landslides, technical rope rescues and water rescues.”

Rescue teams from across the country, including Vancouver’s heavy-duty urban search and rescue team, will participate.

The city says 110 members will participate in the simulated rescues, including 87 from Vancouver’s Task Force 1.

“We are excited to come to Penticton for training and the opportunity to hone our sk**ls in various emergency situations,” said Captain Eric Grootendorst, who is part of Canadian Task Force 1 and Vancouver Fire and Rescue.

“Penticton offers a variety of terrain that allows us to simulate different types of rescue operations, which is essential for our members to be trained in the event of an emergency.

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The city says the Penticton Trade and Convention Center will be the starting point for the event and the public is welcome to watch and ask questions, although some areas will be filmed.

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