Boys and Girls Club opens new daycare in Kingston – Kingston

Parents across the country are feeling the pressure as the lack of child care spaces makes it more difficult for parents.

In Kingston, Ontario, the Boys and Girls Club took a step forward to close that deficit on Saturday.

It was a momentous occasion for the Boys and Girls Club of the South East as they officially opened the doors to the new Boys and Girls Club Daycare.

“During the day, the daycare will be on the ground floor and we will have 30 places for toddlers and 45 places for preschoolers. Then, before and after school, we have 45 kindergartens and over 100 places for ages 6 to 12,” said Harold Parsons, executive director of the Boys and Girls Club.

This is a positive sign for many parents who attended Saturday’s open house and who have been juggling work and raising a family while desperately trying to find child care for their children.

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“I didn’t even realize it was such a problem until he was about three months old, and I was like, ‘I’m late,'” said Alana Raison, mother of one.

“It’s almost impossible, the waiting list is so long in this city. I know that opening the Boys and Girls Club is going to help a lot of people,” added Nathaniel Isnor, father of two.

The building located at 559 Bagot Street underwent nearly a quarter of a million dollars in renovations to turn it into an ultra-modern daycare center. The money came from the Boys and Girls Club, the City of Kingston and the Davies Foundation.

“We invested about another quarter of a million dollars to redo the interior, paint and floors and make it kid-friendly, as well as the equipment, so it’s definitely a fun project,” Parsons added .

Parents say it hasn’t been easy finding a place for their children among the sea of ​​other parents doing the same, but seeing a facility like this open in Kingston gives them hope.

“Of course, it’s good to see there are more options now. We check them all out even though I’m in the West End,” Raison said.

“Yes, it’s true, it really gives you hope, especially talking to some of the staff here. They all seem super happy, super helpful, even really excited,” Isnor said.

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Parsons says the waiting list for their new facility already has more than 400 names.

As for the future, he says there’s still more to do when it comes to helping local children and families.

“We recently acquired the Kingston Robotics Lab and we also continue to focus on the education of children and youth,” Parsons said.

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