Brian Daboll Keeps Giants’ Odell Beckham Meetings A Secret

Brian Daboll loved the steak but kept the dinner conversation private between the Giants members and catcher Odell Beckham Jr.

The free agent’s two-day tour of the Giants with Beckham kicked off Thursday night with an elaborate dinner and continued Friday. After undergoing a physical with team doctors, Beckham was expected to return to the team premises for more formal meetings, Daboll confirmed.

“We had a good visit,” said the head coach. ÔÇťOther than that, I have nothing else to add. I am concentrating on [a game against] Washington.”

Brian Daboll did not eat during his dinner with Odell Beckham Jr.
robert sabo

Pressed further by reporters ahead of training, Daboll would not confirm whether the door was still open for Beckham to join the Giants.

“All my time is in Washington,” Daboll said, when asked about splitting his week between preparing for Sunday’s game with big playoff implications and recruiting the superstar receiver. “I just got a free meal.”

Beckham is due to leave East Rutherford later Friday to travel to Buffalo for a similar Bills courtship. His three-leg tour ends Monday at the Dallas Cowboys.

Odell Beckham Jr. is seen on February 14, 2020 in Los Angeles, California.
New Jersey is the first leg of Beckham’s three-team free agency tour.
SMXRF/Star Max/GC images

Because he is not training for the Giants, as previously reported by The Post, the timing of Beckham’s return to the field in 2022 remains unclear.

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