Broncos’ Randy Gregory seen punching Rams lineman after embarrassing loss

Just when you think this Denver Broncos season has hit rock bottom, they keep digging.

After Denver was plastered 51-14 by a Rams team without Aaron Donald, Matthew Stafford and Cooper Kupp, Broncos defensive end Randy Gregory got going with Los Angeles offensive lineman Oday Aboushi, seen in video punching guard in post-game handshakes.

In a video of the incident, Gregory is seen arguing with Aboushi, before he gets in his face and appears to punch him in the head. Aboushi immediately retaliates and fires back at Gregory, before his teammates jump in and intervene. Gregory then follows Aboushi and continues to chew on him.

Randy Gregory throws a punch

As he walked away, Aboushi ended up walking through CBS Sports’ Tracy Wolfson postgame interview with Baker Mayfield, who started and won the game for the Rams.

“Watch out, watch out,” Mayfield says as Gregory and Aboushi cross the shot, trying to shield Wolfson from the scrap.

“There is a passion between two teams,” replied Wolfson.

The Broncos fell to 4-11 after the embarrassing loss in Los Angeles, in a season full of them. This game was a particular debacle, as their top-five defense kept them in many games throughout the season. On Sunday, however, they allowed 51 points for an injury-ravaged Rams team that entered the game 27th in offensive DVOA. Cam Akers rushed for 118 yards and three touchdowns in the game.

Gregory, 30, joined the Broncos on a five-year contract after a strong 2021 season with the Cowboys. He actually initially agreed to a deal to return to Dallas, but ended up joining Denver instead after a disagreement over the wording of his contract.

Randy Gregory
Randy Gregory
Getty Images

He has two sacks this season, having suffered a knee injury from weeks 5-15. Sunday was his second game back.

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