Buffalo found frozen on street during historic winter storm

A Buffalo man was found frozen to death on his 56th birthday during the historic winter storm that hit the area on Christmas Eve, his family said.

Relatives have identified William Clay as the person found lying face down in the snow on Bailey and Kensington Avenues in Eerie County.

A disturbing video of the frozen body began circulating online after it was discovered early Saturday morning, WGRV reported.

City officials later confirmed it was the third death in the county during the monstrous snowstorm.

Buffalo police have yet to officially release the identity and could not share further details when contacted by The Post.

Clay’s sister, Sophie Clay, posted on Facebook early Saturday morning that her brother was missing, adding that he regularly frequents nearby 7 Eleven.

Effects of snow drift that crippled the Buffalo area during the historic winter storm.

Hours later, she revealed he was found dead and set up a GoFundMe to cover his funeral expenses.

“I am the sister of the gentleman who lost his life during Blizzard 2022 on 12/24/2022,” she wrote on the fundraising page.

“My brother lost his life unexpectedly on his birthday,” she added.

Another parent, Laura LaShomb, informed friends and family on her family on Facebook that Clay had been “found frozen” after “going to the store”.

LaShomb said Clay suffered from a mental illness and may not have taken his medication.

According to Sophie, Clay lived less than a mile from where her body was found.

Clay’s son Jules said he spoke to his father before he died and was able to tell him he loved him.

“This pain is overwhelming. I can’t stop crying,” Jules wrote on Facebook.

An autopsy will need to be performed to determine the official cause of death.

Clay was one of three storm-related deaths reported since Governor Kathy Hochul’s state of emergency went into effect Friday morning.

Two people in Cheektowaga have died after first responders were unable to reach them in time after suffering ’emergency medical events’.

The storm dropped a record 22 inches of snow Friday, breaking the previous daily snowfall record of 12.6 inches set in 1976, the National Weather Service said Saturday.

Severe conditions are expected to remain stable through Monday.

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