Buffalo woman dies after being trapped in car during 18-hour blizzard

A 22-year-old woman killed in the monstrous snowstorm that hit upstate New York sent a chilling video of the blizzard to her family just hours before she was found dead in her car.

Anndel Taylor became one of 28 people killed in what Governor Kathy Hochul called “the blizzard of the century” after she became stranded on her way home from work in Buffalo on Friday afternoon.

She shared a series of videos with her sisters in North Carolina – the latest just after midnight showing her rolling down her ice-covered window to show a nearby van also stuck with its emergency lights on.

“She was telling my sister she was scared,” one of Taylor’s sisters, Tomeshia Brown, told WSOC-TV.

Her family told the outlet that she was believed to have been trapped in her car for around 18 hours before being found on Christmas Eve.

“She called 911 and she was waiting for them,” her mother, Wanda Brown Steele, told the TV station.

But “everyone who tried to reach it got stuck,” Brown added.

Taylor shared a series of videos and her fears during a group chat with her sisters.
Facebook/Juicy Bichy Brown

“Firefighters, police, everyone got stuck,” she said, asking why the “state known for snow” didn’t have emergency vehicles capable of operating throughout the monstrous storm.

During the storm, Brown posted a message saying they had “everything [of] Buffalo” in search of Taylor, who only returned to Buffalo from Charlotte last year to help care for her ailing father.

Taylor told her sisters in a group chat that she planned to get some sleep and then try to walk to safety if help hadn’t arrived when she woke up, her mother said .

The mother desperately alerted relatives in Buffalo — where Taylor was born — to “go back there again,” she told WSOC-TV.

Anndel Taylor, 22, died after being stuck in her car in Buffalo for at least 18 hours during the monstrous snowstorm that devastated upstate New York.
Anndel Taylor, 22, died after being stuck in her car in Buffalo for at least 18 hours during the monstrous snowstorm that devastated upstate New York.
Facebook/Juicy Bichy Brown

“That’s when they opened the window and saw she was there,” the grieving mother said.

Taylor’s mother believes her daughter likely died of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Annel Taylor.
Taylor told those close to her that she planned to sleep in her car.
Facebook/Juicy Bichy Brown

“The car was driving and the snow was still coming, so it was clogging the pipes, the tailpipe,” she said. “Then after the car cut out, that’s when it iced up.”

It happened shortly before Taylor’s 23rd birthday – and when she “still had presents under the tree” for Christmas, Brown said.

The family are now trying to get her body back to Charlotte, where they moved when Taylor was two. So far, an online fundraiser has raised nearly $10,000 of the $12,000 goal.

“We’re trying to get her here – because I want her here with me,” her mother said.

Taylor’s grandmother, Sylvia Taylor, told WSOC-TV, “It’s so easy to ask, ‘Why God? Why?’ But it’s not always for us to know the answer to that.

In a series of heartbreaking tributes online, Brown called her sister “the golden child… The funniest, most realistic, most hooded little sister ever!”

“I’m so sorry, I would do anything to be here with you,” she wrote.

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