Calgary teen stars in new Paw Patrol movie

A Calgary teen is excited to star in the Paw Patrol movie sequel.

Finn Lee-Epp, 14, landed the role of “Ryder” in Paw Patrol: The Mighty Movie as a human boy who leads a team of puppies to save the day. It’s a star-studded gig that puts her name right in the credits alongside big names like Chris Rock, Kristen Bell and Kim Kardashian.

“I still don’t think I understand how serious it is. It’s quite surreal. It’s really cool,” Lee-Epp said with a smile.

The Grade 10 student kept getting called back for more auditions, even going so far as to meet the production team.

So, what does he think sets him apart?

“I watched the show, so that probably helped.” Also, I tried to be really animated because they only hear your voice. They can’t see your face, so you have to be five times more animated.

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When he officially got the role, his parents surprised him at school by simply asking him to come out immediately. He thought something bad had happened.

“The first thing my mom said to me was, ‘Hello Ryder.’ It was so cool! he said.

What followed was a series of vocal recordings spread over eight months, all done in Calgary, proving that you don’t have to live in Hollywood or New York to get noticed by the big studios.

In fact, Lee-Epp’s first big gig was a role opposite Diane Lane and Kevin Costner in the 2020s. Let him go. Eventually, that brief scene led to him playing the lead role in this new animated film.

It is hoped that this latest role will further his acting career and provide him with more roles in the future.

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“The closer we get to the premiere of the film, the more exciting it becomes,” he said.

Paw Patrol: The Mighty Movie hits theaters on September 29.

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