Canada to “reaffirm” iPhone 12 radiation compliance after France ban – National

Canada will take “additional measures” to ensure the iPhone 12 complies with limits for human exposure to radio frequencies after France found the phone exceeded limits.

In a statement released Thursday, a spokesperson for Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED) said the last time it conducted an “audit” of the iPhone 12 was in February, when a routine inspection.

“The results obtained during this audit were found to be in compliance with applicable radio frequency limits,” the agency said.

“Following the position taken by France regarding the iPhone 12, ISDE is taking additional measures to reaffirm the conformity of this product. »

On Tuesday, the National Frequency Agency (ANFR) ordered Apple to stop selling the iPhone model, released for the first time in 2020, and to “implement all available means to quickly remedy this malfunction” under penalty of recall.

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The agency found that the iPhone 12 had a specific absorption rate (SAR) of 5.74 watts per kilogram when carried in the hand or in a pocket, above the European limit of four watts per kilogram.

SAR is a measure of the amount of energy absorbed by the human body when exposed to an electromagnetic field.

France recently tested 141 phone models, including the iPhone 12, and reached its conclusions after the phone model failed one of two key tests.

However, the quantity found remains “significantly lower” than what is harmful to humans, French Digital Transition Minister Jean-Noël Barrot said, and EU radiation thresholds are set around 10 times lower what studies show can be harmful to humans. users.

Canada set its limits “well below the threshold for all established adverse health effects,” ISED said. It has a limit of four watts per kilogram for members, the same as the EU.

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The agency cautioned that some of France’s requirements may be different from those of Canada, so its non-compliance there does not automatically mean the same thing in Canada.

ISED said Canada has some of the highest standards in the world for cell phone security. Each device must pa*s rigorous testing and a certification process before being sold, then be regularly audited, according to ISDE.

“If the government becomes aware of a device whose exposure levels exceed safe limits in Canada, it will take immediate action to protect Canadians,” the agency said.

Apple might be able to avoid a recall in France if it can fix the problem with a software update, Barrot said.

Belgium said on Thursday it would look into any potential health risks from the iPhone 12, while the Netherlands said it was studying the issue. Germany said France’s work could serve as a guideline for Europe as a whole.

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Apple disputed France’s findings, saying it sent its agency several internal and third-party lab results demonstrating that the iPhone 12 complies with EU regulations.

France arrived at its results by testing the iPhone 12 at maximum power for six minutes, a scenario that ANFR says does not reflect common use since the phone only emits about half the time during calls. calls and 10% of the time when using mobile Internet. or video.

The iPhone 12 complied with the European limit of two watts per kilogram absorbed by the body when carried in a bag or jacket, France found.

Apple no longer sells the iPhone 12 but it can be purchased used or from third-party retailers like Amazon. The company announced its new model, the iPhone 15, on Wednesday.

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