Cause of death revealed for Diamond Hardaway from ‘Diamond and Silk’

Diamond Lynnette Hardaway, best known as one half of the Diamond and Silk duo, died Jan. 8 of heart disease due to chronic high blood pressure. She was 51 years old.

Hardaway, one of Trump’s staunchest supporters, was found on the kitchen floor by her sister Rochelle “Silk” Richardson after she collapsed screaming “I can’t breathe.”

According to AP, no autopsy was performed on Hardaway, whose official cause of death sparked widespread speculation after his sister falsely attributed his death to a conspiracy linked to COVID-19 vaccination conspiracy theories at the memorial service last week.

The service saw Trump not only attend, but also deliver a speech in which he sensationally claimed he never really knew Silk.

Hardaway’s “unexpected” death was called “very bad news for Republicans” by the former president in a statement earlier this month.

President Donald Trump with Lynette “Diamond” Hardaway (far left) and Rochelle “Silk” Richardson during a meeting with African American supporters in the Cabinet Room of the White House in February 2020.
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Diamond died Jan. 8 of heart disease due to chronic high blood pressure. She was 51 years old.
Bloomberg via Getty Images

“Really bad news for Republicans and frankly, all Americans,” Trump wrote on Truth Social. “Our beautiful Diamond, from Diamond and Silk, has just passed away at her home in the state she loves so much, North Carolina.”

Referring to Hardaway as “Magnificent Diamond”, the ex-POTUS said her sister Silk was “with her all the way and through her passing”.

“There was no better TEAM anywhere, or at any time! Diamond’s death was totally unexpected, probably his big and precious HEART just gave out. Rest in peace our beautiful diamond, you will be sorely missed”, concluded Trump.

Hardaway, along with his sister Rochelle “Silk” Richardson, was one of Trump’s staunchest supporters.
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Concerns about Hardaway’s health were raised in November on the duo’s official Twitter account.

Diamond and Silk put their name on the map during Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign after making the unlikely leap from hardline Democrat to Republican after Trump was announced as a White House candidate in 2015.

The sisters became stars in their own right, which later saw them land frequent guest spots on PKB News throughout Trump’s tenure as Commander-in-Chief.

The former president has been photographed with the pro-Trump duo several times, including in the Oval Office of the White House.

The Trump love duo have been photographed with the former president on several occasions.
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Trump said Diamond’s death was “very bad news for Republicans and frankly, for all Americans.”
MediaPunch / BACKGRID

Hardaway’s health sparked concerns in November after the duo’s official Twitter account asked fans to keep her in their prayers.

“Whoever believes in the power of prayer, pray for Diamond”, the tweet readalthough the reason for the request was not given.

In 2018, the couple claimed that Facebook had flagged their videos worshiping Trump as “dangerous.” They received an apology from the social media site several months later.

They were later fired from their PKB News roles for promoting conspiracy theories about COVID-19.


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