Chargers’ Derwin James ejected for vicious hit that hurt Colts receiver

Los Angeles Chargers safety Derwin James was ejected from the team’s “Monday Night Football” game against the Indianapolis Colts for a heavy blow.

James was making his first start since suffering a quadruple injury in the Chargers’ loss to the Las Vegas Raiders on Dec. 4. at Lucas Oil Stadium.

James led with the crown of his helmet, and the crackle of the blow could be heard on the broadcast. Dulin was deemed a helpless receiver, resulting in the penalty. Dulin did not recover from the blow until medical personnel helped him.

Dulin was immediately taken to the medical tent after the collision and was ruled out for the remainder of the game with a concussion. Officials ejected James after Dulin was taken off the field.

Derwin James drills Ashton Dulin before being ejected.

Ashton Dulin was ruled out with a concussion after the hit.

Ashton Dulin was ruled out with a concussion after the hit.


James will likely face a hefty fine for the ruthless stunt.

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