Christina Milian Defends Doja Cat’s ‘Controversial’ Opinion: ‘She Owns Herself’

Christina Milian has nothing but love for fellow pop star Doja Cat.

“I love Doja Cat!” ,” the “Dip It Low” singer, 41, tells Page Six in an exclusive interview while promoting her partnership with Lysol Air Sanitizer.

Noting that his appreciation for Doja (born Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini) can be “controversial”, Milian does not hesitate to defend the chart against his enemies.

“The image isn’t necessarily my type of image but I like that about her,” the “Love Don’t Cost a Thing” actress explains. “And it’s a spectacle and it’s entertainment.”

Milian — who rose to fame in the early 2000s thanks to her defining debut single, “AM to PM” — says it’s refreshing to see Doja take an unapologetic attitude in an industry that once seemed oppressive to her.

Christina Milian shares her love for Doja Cat in a new interview with Page Six.

Cat Doja
“Image isn’t necessarily my type of image but I like that about her,” Milian says of her fellow pop star.
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“Everything… you had to be pretty perfect about it,” Milian says of her start in showbiz. “And I love that she owns herself. I think that’s what I love about it.

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The songwriter — who co-wrote Jennifer Lopez’s 2001 hit “Play” and provided her background vocals — adds that she’s a big fan of Doja’s viral TikTok track “Paint the Town Red.”

Christine Milian
The “AM to PM” singer, who rose to fame in the early 2000s, says it’s refreshing to see Doja “owning herself” in an industry that once seemed oppressive to her.
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“I mean, come on,” Milian said with a smile. “This song is awesome.”

Meanwhile, Doja has made it clear that she doesn’t care what others think about her artistry — from the music she releases to the clothes she wears.

“So I put my wigs on and take them off. I shave my head or my eyebrows. I have all the freedom in the world,” Doja told Harper’s Bazaar last month, acknowledging backlash from fans who described her daring new look — marked by latex bondage and wild makeup — as “satanic.”

Cat Doja
Doja has made it clear that she doesn’t care what her haters think of her.
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“I’ve accepted that this is what’s happening.”

Doja has a contentious relationship with her fans, who call themselves “Kittenz”, despite her distaste for the name. The “Kiss Me More” rapper lost more than 250,000 Instagram followers this summer after calling them “creepy” in an angry social media rant.

But that doesn’t seem to deter Milian.

Christine Milian
Page Six caught up with Milian before singing karaoke at Lysol Air Sanitizer’s Air-Aoke pop-up at Music Midtown in Atlanta.
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Maybe the performer sang some of Doja’s discography Saturday at Lysol’s Air-aoke booth at Music Midtown in Atlanta, where she informed festival-goers about Lysol Air Sanitizer, which k**ls 99.9 percent of viruses and bacteria in the air.

“Because we are such a crazy, fun family and we sing at home, I found out that one minute of singing produces 1,000 bacteria and virus-filled droplets in the air, so knowing that, I have to spray it’s circulating in the air and I can at least know that we can k**l these airborne diseases,” says the mother of three, married to French musician Matt Pokora.

“It’s a simple way to help keep your family healthy.”

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