Claudia Oshry: It’s ‘so liberating’ to wear clothes that bare your arms after weight loss Ozempic

Claudia Oshry has regained her confidence since taking Ozempic, a weight loss drug popular with celebrities.

During an Instagram Story Q&A on Tuesday, the influencer – known as “Girl With No Job” – was asked how she felt about finally wearing tops without sleeves after spending years trying to cover your arms.

“It’s honestly so freeing,” Oshry, 29, responded alongside a mirror selfie. “Dare I say life-changing? »

She added: “I can’t believe how many clothing options I missed out on!”

After months of speculation, the “Toast” podcast host revealed last month that she had been taking the drug – which is often prescribed to people with diabetes – since September 2022.

The influencer says it’s “so freeing” to wear bare-arm outfits now.
unemployed girl/Instagram

“There are so many reasons why I decided to do this: overall health was the number one priority, but of course [being able] have kids,” Oshry, married to fellow podcaster Ben Soffer, said on the Aug. 16 episode of her podcast.

However, the founder of the Spritz Society had been taking semaglutide – sold under the brand name Ozempic – for a year before she was ready to tell her millions of subscribers.

“The reason I’m nervous about sharing [how much I’ve lost] “It’s because I’m ashamed of myself for getting to the point where I had 70 pounds to lose,” she admitted.

“I could cry, I’m so angry at myself,” Oshry added before breaking down in tears.

Claudia Oshry
Oshry has been taking Ozempic since September 2022.
unemployed girl/Instagram

The Internet comedian told her co-host and sister, Jackie Oshry, that she now has “very mixed emotions” when looking at old photos of herself.

“Being a fat woman is one of the hardest things to do in the world,” she explained. “[But] I feel like I handled it as well as I could have and I’m proud that I was able to have a full life. [before losing weight].”

Claudia also said that one of the reasons it took her so long to open up to using the weight loss drug – which was approved by the FDA – was the stigma surrounding it.

“I think the way that influencers, podcasters, Andy Cohen, talk about it is so phobic and so harmful because it has created this layer of shame,” she said.

Claudia Oshry
She waited a year to reveal she was taking the weight loss drug favored by celebrities.
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“So many people talk about Ozempic and being overweight without experience. There’s so much misinformation and a general lack of understanding about what it means to be fat…it’s damaging,” she continued.

The influencer went on to explain that “the number one cause of obesity is genetics” and that for most people, simply eating less won’t solve this problem.

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Although she was initially nervous about sharing her experience, Claudia has since become more comfortable talking about her weight loss online.

Claudia Oshry
The 29-year-old young woman decided to share her experience in order to destigmatize Ozempic.
unemployed girl/TikTok

The day after her podcast episode was released, the influencer thanked her fans for “being so kind” and for their support in a lengthy TikTok video.

“I wanted to come on here and thank everyone…I’ve received the most wonderful comments and messages since I posted that Patreon episode about my weight loss journey,” she said.

“I just wanted to say I’ve literally read every one of them and everyone is so nice and I feel very comfortable and I’m actually so happy I shared.”

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