Coke Canada Bottling to launch major pilot project in Montreal – Montreal

Coke Canada Bottling will become the first food and beverage manufacturer in Canada to use electric trucks. This is a pilot project and Quebec is the first province to test the new fleet.

The electric trucks will contribute to the company’s goal of reducing carbon emissions and providing energy by almost half by 2030.

“We think this is one of the first big steps that we can take in terms of major investments to make this work and I’m excited because I think it’s really a path to the future,” said Todd Parsons, CFO of Coke Canada Bottling. .

The trucks can travel up to 270 miles on a single charge and will use company-installed electric chargers.

“We’re going to learn how to operate electric trucks in this market and it’s a great market to work with electrification,” Parsons added.

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Coke Canada Bottling used incentives from the provincial eco-trucking program, part of Quebec’s Green Plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The province says it prioritizes electrification where feasible, taking into account the realities of transportation, buildings and industries.

The trucks will not only distribute the products to customers throughout Quebec, but they will also transport the products between the head office in Lachine and the production plant in eastern Montreal.

“We have always been in transportation logistics so we are very happy to have Coca-Cola,” declared the mayor of the Lachine district, Maja Vodonovic.

“All those who drink Coca-Cola, Fanta or one of the 200 products that Coca-Cola manufactures here in Quebec, well, you drink water that comes from Lachine,” she added.

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Coke Canada Bottling employs 500 people between its two facilities on the island.

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