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An Edmonton man left confused and frustrated after receiving a parking ticket on a residential street during a parking ban after his road was cleared.

The phase 2 parking ban which has been in effect since Tuesday means that parking is prohibited on residential and industrial roads. However, the city says that once crews have passed and cleared the road, residents are free to park on their roads.

However, Tim Hawrylak said he parked on the road outside his house in the Kirkness area after the road was leveled and still got a $250 ticket.

“It’s a bit ridiculous,” he said.

Hawrelak said he moved his vehicle into his driveway after receiving a notification on Saturday that crews were going to drive through his neighborhood. At 3 a.m. Sunday morning, his doorbell camera captured a grader driving down his street and clearing snow.

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The next morning he again parked his car on the street after leaving the house, but received a citation that afternoon and only found out when the tow truck driver knocked on his door to tell him that it was about to be towed.

“I think if they had the person issuing the tickets out at the same time as the people doing the cleaning, then they would have grasped that area a bit better,” Hawrylak said.

He showed the video of the grader arriving to the tow truck driver and the driver did not take away any of the other cars in the area.

Hawrylak said the person handing out the tickets told him the crews would be back in his area, but they haven’t been back since.

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He did everything he was supposed to do but still got a ticket, and that hurts, Hawrylak said.

“We signed up for the emails, got the notification, made sure we were out of the way, and made sure (the roads were) clear before we headed out again,” Hawrylak said.


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Mayor Amarjeet Sohi said he would ask the administration why tickets were given out when a resident apparently did nothing wrong.

“It’s always disappointing to hear people getting tickets, but we’re trying to inform as efficiently as possible (with) signage before the graders come in,” he said.


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PKBNEWS asked how many tickets had been issued since the ban began, but the city said the information would not be available until the current parking ban ends.

According to the city, five no-parking signs were put up in and around the Kirkness neighborhood on Friday, email and text notifications were sent out on Saturday and crews finished work on Sunday.

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