Counter-protesters push back demonstrators at anti-LGBTQ2 rally in Halifax – Halifax

Halifax’s Grand Parade Square was filled with several hundred people Wednesday morning, with protesters and counter-protesters gathering at a planned anti-LGBTQ2 rally.

The Halifax rally was part of the 1MillionMarch4Children movement, which was organizing protests across the country. The group’s website says it advocates for “the elimination of s****l orientation and gender identity (SOGI) curriculum, pronouns, gender ideology, and co-ed bathrooms in schools “.

Although the group presents itself as neither hateful nor transphobic, trans people and their allies say eliminating any mention of s****l orientation and gender identity in schools is harmful to children who may need support outside of their home.

A group of protesters from 1MillionMarch4Children – chanting “Leave our children alone” – met resistance from a larger group of counter-protesters, who responded: “Go home, bigots.”

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Elle Detcheverry, one of the counterprotesters, said she was there to “protect the rights of not only trans people across the country, but also trans children.”

“Most of us trans people — not all, but most — have an idea that we are trans, that something is wrong, from a very young age,” Detcheverry said.

“No matter what happens, what else we are taught in schools, we know.

“We’re not trying to do anything other than make everyone aware that we’re here, we’re not going anywhere, we exist and trans kids should be able to know they have a safe future in which to grow. »

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Another counter-protester, Betsy Hogan, a member of the United Church of Canada, said she participated in a counter-protest because she believed the march was aimed at “undermining the rights of gay and trans children.” to live a safe and supportive school experience”.

“We believe in a God who created people of a wide variety of different orientations and genders,” Hogan said.

Feelings between the two groups grew tense throughout the morning. A child on the side of 1MillionMarch4Children could be heard shouting homophobic slurs at the crowd.

There were several traffic disruptions in the downtown area and Halifax Regional Police officers formed a line to separate the two sides.

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People’s Party of Canada candidate Michelle Lindsay, who said she helped organize the 1MillionMarch4Children event, said she thought the march was “very successful.”

“I think the parents’ voices have been heard,” she said. “We always want more people, but the participation has been incredible. »

Lindsay said the event was not about the LGBTQ2 community, but rather about protecting children and parental rights.

“Parents are the authority over children, and who better than parents to protect children? she says.

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