Couple find lost diamond engagement ring – in their bathroom – after 21 years

A Florida couple whose diamond engagement ring went missing just before their wedding 21 years ago have recently found the culprit.

Their own toilet bowl.

Shaina Day, from Lakeland, Florida, has been suspicious of the infamous set-up since the day her ring went missing. But they weren’t confirmed until November, when her stepmother Renee replaced the toilet and found the piece of diamond stuck in her porcelain grave, the family told WFLA-TV in Tampa.

Shaina Day had her suspicions about the infamous montage since the day her ring went missing.

“She came up to me one day and said, ‘I think I lost my ring,'” Nick Day, Shaina’s husband, told the station. “She said, ‘It was on the counter now, it’s gone, and I think I may have flushed it down the toilet by accident. “”

The couple searched everywhere, including the septic tank in their home. They pumped the entire tank through a strainer in a valiant but futile attempt to find the ring.

The diamond remained lost for decades and might have been had it not been for Renee’s decision to replace the toilet.

The ring was originally given as a Christmas present.
The couple said they could use the diamond in a new piece of jewelry or pass it on.

After their discovery, Nick’s parents wrapped the ring and presented it to the couple at Christmas, according to WFLA.

“We both knew exactly what it was,” Nick Day told the station.

Shaina said the shocking discovery quickly brought her to tears.

“It was kind of an ugly scream,” Shaina told WFLA. “I sat there and was like, ‘Oh my God, that’s my ring. It’s my ring. I wipe my eyes and the mascara goes everywhere.

The couple said they could use the diamond in a new piece of jewelry or pass it on as – although hopefully after a thorough cleaning.

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