CrossFit co-founder Lauren Jenai landed $2 million bail for ex-husband

CrossFit co-founder Lauren Jenai is off the hook for the $2 million bail she posted to bail her now-estranged husband out of jail in 2019.

The fitness guru paid the spectacular seven-figure sum in an 11-hour bond deal to help get Franklin Tyrone Tucker – her fiancé at the time – out of a Florida detention center where he was awaiting trial for murder.

Tucker – who has firmly proclaimed his innocence and is separately suing police and prosecutors in Monroe County, Florida – was arrested for first-degree murder in 2017 for a robbery gone wrong, known locally as the Treehouse Murder .

He has been under house arrest since his release on the $2 million set up by Jenai.

The couple wed romantically in 2020 on Jenai Lawn in Portland, Oregon, but the wedding went south after just over a year, and the duo don’t have a prenup, we we have already pointed this out.

Sources told us this week that a Florida court reduced Tucker’s bail from $2 million to $75,000 after the original deal expired.

Lauren Jenai has invested $2 million to free Franklin Tyrone Tucker from awaiting trial in prison.

Lauren Jenai kisses Franklin Tyrone

Lauren Jenai has invested $2 million to free Franklin Tyrone Tucker from awaiting trial in prison.


A source familiar with the matter said, “Lauren is off the hook for the $2 million bond because it has now been reduced… The trial is expected to take place this spring.”

The source added, “Jenai originally built two of his houses to secure the bond, but that bond just expired after three years. The judge issued a new, much lower bond which was [Tucker is] no risk of leakage.

Our insider said: “The couple have been living apart for over a year and are expected to divorce after [Tucker’s] the matter is resolved.

Representatives did not comment.

The duo – who had known each other as teenagers reconnected, then became engaged, while Tucker was imprisoned. They separated in 2021. Despite the hiatus, Jenai supported Tucker’s innocence.

She reportedly sold her CrossFit stock for around $20 million as part of her divorce from the brand’s co-founder Greg Glassman in 2013.

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