Curtis Stone and Wife Lindsay Price-Stone Get ‘In the Spirit’ on Star-Studded Series

Celebrity chef Curtis Stone and his wife, actress Lindsay Price-Stone, fuse their respective talents in the recipe for ‘In the Spirit with Lindsay & Curtis’, streaming on QVC+ and HSN+.

The six-episode holiday-themed series features celebrity guests Joel McHale and his wife Sarah Williams, Tori Spelling and Jennie Garth, Kelly Hu, Jenna Fischer, Sheryl Underwood and Phil Rosenthal sharing their families’ traditional celebrations with Curtis and Lindsay – who create festive dishes (Curtis) and decorations (Lindsay).

“I think the thing about vacations is that they’re so personal to everyone; we all have our own family quirks and traditions that make us feel good,” Curtis Stone, 47, told The Post in a joint interview with Lindsay. “Normally, you are with your own family and you don’t have the chance to discover the traditions of others.

“The Talk” co-host Sheryl Underwood joins Lindsay and Curtis for an episode built around celebrating Thanksgiving.

“The idea for the show was to reach out to a handful of friends and say, ‘What do you do for Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas Eve, etc. What are your traditions?’ Lindsay has this incredible attention to detail when it comes to design and style; she always makes the room or the table look fantastic,” he said. “And I obviously know my way around the kitchen.”

They shot the series (in October) in a real house, and not in the studio, to give it a warmer side. “It wasn’t our house; we wanted to do it [there] but so much happened that week with our kids still in school that we couldn’t quite tear ourselves away,” Curtis said. “We found this very nice house here in LA and took it over for about 10 days.”

Lindsay, 46, said Fischer, who she co-starred with for two seasons on ABC’s “Splitting Up Together,” was a perfect choice for the show.

Curtis Stone, Lindsay Price-Stone and Jenna Fischer pose in front of a table laden with food.  Curtis and Jenna are wearing red shirts.
Actress Jenna Fischer, who co-starred with Lindsay in ‘Splitting Up Together,’ talks family traditions on Christmas Eve.

“She’s the least ‘Hollywood actress’ you’ve ever met,” she said. “We are good friends. He’s just a comfortable person; she makes sourdough [bread]she loves handmade gifts and she and her sister always exchange gifts on Christmas Eve…but they are only allowed to buy each other handmade items from local artisans.

“I was like, ‘OK, we have to have her on the show because she’s so perfect for this kind of show about what you do at home and for your lore. [on the holidays].’”

Lindsay and Curtis met with their guests before filming their respective episodes.

Photo of Lindsay, Kelly Hu and Curtis.  They are seated around a table which contains a lot of vegetables.  Lindsay and Curtis accompany Kelly.
Lindsay, Kelly Hu and Curtis in an episode about celebrating the New Year.

“Curtis and I would sit down or talk via Zoom call with all of our guests and say, ‘Tell us about [your holiday experiences], which gave us the opportunity to listen to their stories,” she said. “Kelly Hu, for example, is from Hawaii and her New Year’s Day is about multi-Asian cultures in Hawaii…and we had to brainstorm ideas about how we would celebrate in our families as Americans from second-generation Asian descent. Curtis listened to everything Kelly said and talked about what he was going to do. I made paper cranes for the table and notebooks for recipes and travel plans.

“It was fun watching Curtis perform Jenna’s Melba toast, sausage and cheese; he decided to make a raclette out of it,” Lindsay said. “We have thought of everything about our guests. Our only goal was to show people what we actually do in our real lives, in our homes – how we entertain and have that organic feel.

Stone, a Michelin-starred chef, said there were a few dishes that were new to him.

“There were classics, of course, but some dishes that I had never cooked before,” he said. “We had Phil Rosenthal and he said, ‘I don’t want to do Hanukkah food – I want to do an Aussie/Hanukkah mashup… so I got pretty creative with that one. I know the chest is big [on Hanukkah] and I thought lamb, so we made a very slow-cooked shoulder of lamb but spiced it up with a kind of spice similar to what you use on the brisket – we also made a pastrami spice and roasted carrots with that, and Phil was like, ‘Oh yeah, that’s something special.

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