Darren Till details the conversation he had with Dana White before he left the UFC

Darren Till had one of the most electrifying appearances in the sport of MMA. However, at the same time, his decline came equally quickly. Despite being touted as one of the best English prospects, the former title contender finds himself struggling to get back to fighting form.

For those who don’t know, Darren ‘The Gorilla’ Till was one of the UFC’s hottest new stars. Following a long list of KOs and finishes in regional promotions, Till entered the UFC in 2015. After a few wins, Till quickly rose to superstardom with a win over Donal Cerrone. Then, he would go on to win a decision over Stephen Thompson before taking on Tyron Woodley for the welterweight title at UFC 228.

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Despite the loss, Darren Till was only 25 at the time and had a lot of potential. However, subsequent losses saw him move up to middleweight where he struggled to find real success. Due to an injury-plagued career, the Englishman went 1-3 in his last four fights before eventually parting ways with the UFC. However, as she has now revealed, all was not as it seemed with her exit.

Darren Till opens up about his injury and UFC exit

For the most part, the general consensus due to numerous reports at the time was that the UFC had let Darren Till go. Seeing as he struggled ma*sively with injury issues and more, many a*sumed that the promotion had finally decided to cut ties with the Englishman. However, Till revealed, he was the one who asked the UFC to release him.

In a recent appearance on the Ben Heath podcast, Darren spoke in detail about leaving the UFC:

“I remember I talked to the UFC and Dana and I said, ‘Listen, it’s not going to plan right now, I’m hurting bad with injuries and I’m fighting stupid, that I shouldn’t be accepted’.

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“I’m kind of like giving me time off from the UFC now, and to this day I can only think of one, two or three people that they’ve actually released from a contract like that, they just don’t do it regularly. I went about it the right way, the right way, like listen, I’m not going to sign with another MMA company, I’m going to give me physical time.

“I said I’ll be back in a few years if you’ll get me and they were like, ‘Until, the door’s always open, we think you’re a standup guy, we love you. You are a great guy for the company’”.

As the fighter revealed, he asked to be released from the promotion to fully focus on recovery and rehabilitation. Notably, Darren Till had knee problems that also required him to undergo stem cell therapy. Thus, due to these issues and recurring injuries, the fighter chose to put his MMA career on hold. Having said that, he still hasn’t completely retired from the fighting game.

Darren Till hints at big fight news and future plans in boxing

All things considered, Darren Till hopes to make his return to the UFC in a few years. Meanwhile, he wants to stay active and try to raise his depreciating stock once again. Previously, Till revealed his intention to continue boxing, seeing as he made a name for himself as a sk**led striker in the UFC. As such, we’ve also heard numerous rumors regarding the potential matchup.

While speaking in the same interview, Till had some very interesting things to share. While linked to a boxing match against Magomed Ismailov, the fight did not convert. Instead, as the 31-year-old reveals, there were other lucrative offers on the table:

“I was offered a lot of fights. At one point Logan Paul got offers, Jack Paul things like that but, I just wanted to take time for me, get the best offer for me financially, on the best platform, for once”.

“In just a few weeks, I’m going to hear about the war. It’s going to be good fight news, I’ll probably fight three or four times this year, all in boxing. Hopefully, one of those two will be a really big fight that people are waiting for.”

Recently, Mike Perry revealed that Darren Till seemingly turned down a mega $2 million offer to fight him in the BKFC headliner. That said, it is possible that due to his commitment and loyalty to the UFC, Till may not appear or fight in rival promotions. In the past, we have seen many UFC fighters fight in BKFC. That said, Darren has expressed interest in fighting Perry, but will likely do so with boxing gloves inside the boxing ring.

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