Dion Pereira Net Worth in 2023 How rich is he now?

What is the net worth of Dion Perera?

So how much is Dion Perera worth? According to our research, Dion Pereira’s net worth is $5 million dollars. Dion Pereira’s net worth is largely a result of his success as a footballer.

name Dion Pereira
Total Value (2023) $5 million dollars
occupation football player
date of birth 25 March 1999
age 24 years old
height 180 cm (5 ft 10 in)
weight (169 lb) 77 kg
place of birth England, United Kingdom
nationality english

Who is Dion Pereira?

Dion Pereira, a name steadily gaining recognition in the football world, is a young and promising talent who continues to make waves with his impressive sk**ls and performances on the pitch. Born on 25 March 1999 in Watford, England, Pereira’s rise from local youth club to the professional ranks is testament to his dedication and innate football sk**ls.

One of the most notable aspects of Dion Pereira’s career is his early development in Watford FC’s youth system. Starting his football journey at a tender age, Pereira quickly rose through the Watford academy. His combination of speed, dribbling sk**ls and versatility caught the attention of coaches and scouts. Pereira primarily operates as an attacking midfielder or winger, using his technical sk**ls to create scoring opportunities for his team.

In 2017, Pereira made his Watford first-team debut, marking the start of his professional career. His performance in the English Championship shows his potential to become a key player for the club. However, in 2019, he started a new chapter in his career by signing with Atlanta United in Major League Soccer (MLS). The move demonstrates Pereira’s ambition to expand his horizons and challenge himself in a different football environment.

real name Dion Enrico Pereira
nickname Dion Pereira
date of birth 25 March 1999
age 24 years old
height 180 cm (5 ft 10 in)
weight (169 lb) 77 kg
place of birth England, United Kingdom
gender male
occupation English footballer
nationality english


How old is Dion Pereira?

Dion Pereira was born on 25 March 1999 in Watford, England. He will be 24 years old. Dion Pereira is a talented English footballer who primarily played as an attacking midfielder or winger in his career. He gained recognition for his early development in Watford FC’s youth system and made his professional debut for the club. In 2019, he moved to Atlanta United in Major League Soccer (MLS) as he wanted to expand his football horizons.

Pereira is known for his exceptional pace, dribbling ability and versatility on the pitch. He possesses the technical ability to create scoring opportunities for his team and has shown a level of maturity and composure that is beyond his years. His ability to read the game, make intelligent pa*ses and score crucial goals has recognized him as a promising talent in the football world.

How tall is Dion Pereira?

Dion Pereira, the budding football talent, possesses unique physical attributes that contribute to his effectiveness on the pitch. Standing at 180cm, which equates to a height of around 5ft 10in, Pereira strikes a balanced figure that suits his role as an attacking midfielder or winger in the world of professional football.

His height of 180 cm puts him within the average range of male athletes, providing him with the agility and maneuverability needed to navigate through opposing players and execute precise ball control. While not exceptionally tall, Pereira’s height allows him to maintain a low center of gravity, which can be advantageous in tight spaces and when dribbling past defenders.

In terms of weight, Dion Pereira tips the scales at approximately 77 kilograms, which equates to around 169 pounds. This weight-to-height ratio indicates a well-built and athletically toned physique, a requirement for enduring the physical demands of professional football. His weight not only adds power to his strikes and tackles but also contributes to his overall stamina and durability on the field.



equivalent (approx.)


180 cm

5 feet 10 inches


77 kilograms

169 pounds

Dion Pereira Nationality

Dion Pereira, the rising football star, proudly represents the nationality of England. Born on 25 March 1999 in Watford, England, Pereira’s nationality has been a fundamental aspect of his identity and played a significant role in his footballing journey.

As an English citizen, Pereira was privileged to grow up in a country with a rich footballing tradition. England is renowned for its pa*sionate football culture, storied clubs and competitive youth development system. Pereira’s early exposure to this football environment no doubt played an important role in nurturing his talent and pa*sion for the game.

Moreover, being English gave Pereira the opportunity to achieve one of football’s highest honors: representing his country on the international stage. The dream of wearing the Three Lions emblem and playing for the English national team is shared by many young footballers and Pereira’s journey serves as an inspiration to those who harbor similar ambitions.

Dion Pereira Career

Dion Pereira, an English footballer renowned for his sk**ls as a winger, currently finds himself on loan from Premier League club Luton Town to EFL League side Sutton United. During his career, Pereira has donned the jerseys of several prominent teams:

  1. Luton Town (2020/2021)
  2. Bradford City (2022/2023)
  3. Yeovil Town (2021/2022)
  4. Atlanta United FC (2018/2019)

Pereira’s football journey began to take off when he featured prominently for Watford’s U23 side over the past three seasons. In recognition of his outstanding potential, he was honored with Watford’s Young Player of the Year award for the 2016–17 season. His goal-scoring prowess also became evident in the 2017/18 season when he scored an impressive tally of 13 goals.

After his stint with MLS side Atlanta United, Pereira moved to Luton Town in November 2020 to further his career in English football. Currently, he continues to hone his sk**ls on the pitch while on loan at Sutton United, an opportunity that will give him valuable experience and the opportunity to make a lasting impact on the world of football.

Dion Pereira Achievements and Awards

  • Dion Pereira currently plays as a midfielder for Luton Town FC.
  • He gained recognition for his talent when he won the Watford Young Player of the Season award in the 2016–17 season.
  • Pereira’s achievements extend beyond England, as he has been part of teams that have won prestigious tournaments such as the US Open Cup and the Champions Cup.
  • His journey took him to Luton Town in November 2020 after leaving Atlanta United.
  • Pereira initially made his mark with Watford in the Premier League before embarking on an exciting chapter in his career in 2019 when he moved to the United States to join Atlanta United.

Dion Pereira Stats

  • Dion Pereira, an English footballer, plays as a winger for Sutton United in EFL League Two. He is 180 cm tall and wears jersey number 26 and weighs 77 kg.

  • In his most recent appearance, Pereira appeared in a match against Coventry City in the English Football League – Championship. The final score was a closely contested 1–1, with Luton Town eventually winning 5–6 in a penalty shootout.

  • Perera’s statistical performance reveals his contributions to the field, including:

    • 10 League Two appearances for Bradford City
    • Significant contribution of 1 goal and 1 a*sist while playing for Bradford City
    • A total of 6 pa*ses made during his time on the pitch
    • An impressive 1 cross executed with 100% accuracy
    • No significant major opportunities were created
    • Try to say no
    • No correct long ball in his recent match against Coventry City in the English Football League – Championship.

Dion Pereira Social Media Account

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