Domingo ‘belligerent’ German in Yankees clubhouse before receiving treatment for alcohol abuse

Yankees pitcher Domingo German “became belligerent” in the clubhouse on Tuesday before seeking treatment for alcohol abuse, according to a new report.

German, who was placed on the shortlist Wednesday by the Yankees after voluntarily submitting to hospital treatment, “became belligerent while in the Yankee Stadium clubhouse,” according to SNY.

The report clarified that the pitcher was not involved in an “altercation” with his teammates.

However, according to the report, “witnesses determined that German was under the influence of alcohol and did not appear to be in control of his emotions.”

German was suspended for 81 games between 2019 and 2020 for an alleged domestic violence incident.

German is not under investigation by MLB for domestic violence, according to SNY, and it’s a matter the Yankees have handled internally.

Domingo German was “belligerent” in the Yankees clubhouse before seeking treatment for alcohol, according to SNY.
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Yankees general manager Brian Cashman told reporters Wednesday that he expects German β€” who pitched a perfect game in late June β€” to miss the rest of the season.

“It’s a very serious issue that affects far too many people, unfortunately,” Cashman said ahead of the Yankees’ win over the Rays.

β€œI hope that the measures that are being taken today will really benefit him for the rest of his life, because this is a very serious problem that must be addressed head on. These places of treatment are important steps, hopefully him to help him get the tools to solve it.

Cashman also said the alcohol problem was completely separate from the fact that the German was scratched on his debut with an armpit injury.

Domingo German is out of the Yankees after a recent incident at Yankee Staium.
Domingo German is absent from the Yankees after a recent incident at Yankee Stadium.
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Star Yankees pitcher Gerrit Cole offered his support for the German.

“It’s been tough,” Cole said. β€œIt just affects you as a human being. You care about your teammates and you care about your teammates’ families. It’s a sad situation and you want the best for Domingo.

At 56-52, the Yankees are three and a half games behind the Blue Jays for the final AL Wild Card spot.

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