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According to the ICBC and the RCMP, fines are being imposed on drivers in British Columbia who do not clear their vehicles of snow before hitting the road.

“The biggest thing we’re seeing, and the police are seeing as well, is people not clearing the outside of their vehicles properly,” said Joanne Bergman, traffic safety coordinator at ICBC.

“If you don’t clear your (snow vehicle) you can be fined.”


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This includes snow removal from the roof of vehicles, license plates, lights and of course all windows.

An RCMP officer said officers can be fined $109 for driving with obstructed vision.

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BC RCMP Sgt. Chris Manseau said those who don’t clear their vehicles create unnecessary risk to themselves and those around them.

“Not only with the risk of obstructing vision if not cleared properly, but people also don’t release the extra weight that is added to the vehicle. If the driving conditions are poor, the extra weight could lead to accidents,” Manseau said.

“Not only can you obstruct your own view with snow, but when traveling at high speed, snow can fly from the vehicle onto others.”


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ICBC said vehicle accidents tended to peak in December, with around 2,000 claims above the monthly average.

Officials said more than 18,000 applications have been filed for this month of December so far.

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