Drugs used to reverse opioid overdoses now available on TTC, company says – Toronto

The Toronto Transit Commission says it is “improving access” to naloxone – a rapid-response medication used to temporarily reverse the effects of an opioid overdose – across the system.

The TTC made the announcement Tuesday, saying kits containing naloxone nasal sprays are now available at collection stands and centers at its stations.

“In the event of an opioid overdose emergency, designated and trained TTC employees can administer naloxone when safe to do so, to temporarily reverse the effects,” the TTC said in a news release.

TTC CEO Rick Leary said if anyone sees someone who may be suffering from an opioid overdose, they should alert TTC station staff who will “immediately call emergency services.”

“Designated TTC personnel will then initiate the emergency response using naloxone,” Leary said. “Staff can also provide naloxone to a pa*serby who volunteers to administer it. »

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According to the TTC, designated employees are certified in first aid and have completed training on how to administer naloxone.

The company said once the training is completed, approximately 730 staff members will be trained in opioid overdose prevention, recognition and response.

This will include more than 100 special agents who will transport the drugs with them, the TTC said.

Toronto Mayor Olivia Chow said that if administered in time, naloxone can “save a person’s life.”

“An overdose can happen anywhere, so it’s important to know that help is immediately available if you think you witness an opioid overdose at a TTC station,” she said in a statement .

“I thank the TTC for making naloxone available at all subway stations.”

TTC President Jamaal Myers said he is “pleased” that the TTC is making naloxone available and providing training for staff.

“Health and safety is one of the TTC’s priorities,” he said. “This announcement is a step not only toward increased safety, but it also has the potential to save lives. »

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