Emaciated dog found in Shuswap on the mend: BC SPCA – Okanagan

An emaciated dog found in southern British Columbia is recovering and will soon be up for adoption.

The BC SPCA says Fish, a nine-year-old Labrador retriever, was found in a remote area east of Enderby.

“He was very thin and covered in wounds,” said the animal protection agency. “Luckily a good Samaritan was nearby and was able to get Fish into his car and take him to the BC SPCA in the Shuswap. »

The dog required IV fluids for dehydration, as well as a specialized diet and feeding schedule to safely help him regain the lost weight.

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“He looked so sad when whoever first found him,” said Meranda Dussault of the Shuswap branch of the SPCA.

“When Fish arrived, we took him straight to the vet. He had a body score of one out of nine. An ideal fitness score is five.

The dog’s score is divided into three sections: Too Thin (1-3), Ideal (4-6), and Obese (7-9).

Fish also had to undergo several tests to ensure his internal organs were still functioning after a long period of starvation.

“We need to make sure he stays on the right path to recovery,” Dussault said. “So for the foreseeable future he will be visiting the veterinary clinic regularly.”

In the meantime, Fish has gained 10 pounds, but still has another 10 pounds left.

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“We watched him transform from a skinny, malnourished and injured dog into a bright-eyed, energetic and playful dog with the heart of a lion,” Dussault said.

“The fish still has a long way to go before it is fully healthy, but its progress so far has been remarkable.”

Dussault said they are also working on getting Fish back to his strength, because he “stayed starved for so long, he not only lost most of his weight, but he also lost a lot of muscle ma*s.”

Once he gains enough weight, Fish will also need dental surgery to remove infected and broken teeth.

“Fish’s eyes were gla*sy and cloudy when he came into our care, now his eyes are bright and alert,” Dussault said.

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As for why he’s named Fish, Dussault said that although he’s an older dog, he has an incredible ability to catch flies.

“He can spot, chase and catch a fly like no other dog I’ve ever seen,” Dussault said, noting that he was found near a place called Kingfisher.

The SPCA says Fish’s adoption date is still a few weeks away and he needs a foster family before then.

Along the same lines, the SPCA says it provided temporary boarding for 147 animals during the wildfire season, and 45 animals are still in their care.

More information about adoption is available on the BC SPCA website.

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