Episode 107 of the “Up In The Blue Seats” podcast: Gérard Gallant sends a message to Alexis Lafrenière Demotion

Alexis Lafreniere
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Alexis Lafrenière was retired for Thursday’s game against the Lightning.

Lafrenière’s demotion in training Wednesday to the 4th row was the big talking point on this week’s “Up In The Blue Seats” podcast with Mollie Walker, Larry Brooks and me. We taped the show on Wednesday before the forfeit was announced on Thursday, but it seemed like a possibility after seeing the changes made in Wednesday’s intense training after a brutal performance at MSG on Tuesday in a loss 4-0 against the Capitals.

Is this the right decision? Log in below to find out.

Up In The Blue Seats podcast with Jake Brown and Mollie Walker:

  • TUESDAY DUD VS. CAPS: Rangers were absent on Tuesday night. The refereeing was terrible, but Rangers couldn’t score a goal.
  • GALLANT CHANGES: Wednesday was a tough practice and Coach Gallant made some roster changes. He had the players gassed.
  • RANGERS-ISLANDERS: Somehow there will be no more Rangers-Islanders games this season after Thursday’s final which was very entertaining. The NHL needs to be better and spread those games out throughout the season. Igor Shesterkin had a few Islanders at his house for Christmas.

Interview with Larry Brooks:
NY Post Rangers defeat writer

  • LINE CHANGES: Gallant’s line-up changes are in the realm of sensitivity. Alain Vigneault and John Tortorella changed their composition even more.
  • GALLANT: It takes him a long time to sort out which queues are working and which are not. It’s hard for them to play consistent hockey without having consistent combinations. If they had played well on Tuesday, there would have been no changes.
  • LAFRENIÈRE DEMOGRADATION: Was it the right decision? How disappointing has its evolution been? He didn’t make enough of an impression. Looks like he’s an average skater. His instinct seems a little off. He is a major investment as the first overall pick. Not ready to tag him a bust yet.



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