Fans believe Patrick Beverley’s NBA career is over after a 4-game suspension


  • Patrick Beverley has been suspended by the NBA for 4 games.
  • Pat Bev can remove himself from the league because he is no longer under contract.

The basketball world was put on alert after the league announced that Patrick Beverley would be suspended for his actions. For those who may not know, Beverley is an NBA veteran and has established a reputation for himself as a defensive-minded star with a rugged mentality.

As the Milwaukee Bucks were eliminated from the Eastern Conference playoffs, Beverley engaged in some controversial actions and ended his season on a very bad note. Although he offered a public apology for his actions, the NBA decided to suspend him for 4 games. After hearing about this, fans took to social media to clarify their feelings on the matter.

Some NBA fans singled out Jamaal Murray and defended Patrick Beverley

The majority of NBA fans seem to approve of the decision to suspend Patrick Beverley for 4 games. After all, he threw a ball to courtside fans after being booed by them. Some have even gone so far as to claim that he will not serve his suspension because he will be forced to leave the NBA,”The joke is that he will never serve it since his career is over.

Others defended her against any discrimination. After all, Jamaal Murray threw a heating pad on the court in frustration and was only fined as opposed to suspended. One NBA star crossing the line while ignoring the actions of another has not gone unnoticed by the basketball community.

However, there are several differences in both of them. Jamal gets frustrated and throws the heating pad, possibly intending to cause some trouble. Beverly, on the other hand, threw a ball twice into the crowd and could have seriously injured an innocent fan or even children in the process. As a result, one might be able to understand why Beverly is being given a more significant punishment.

Will the Bucs trade Pat Bev this offseason?

If Pat Bev is on a big multi-year contract, there’s no denying that the Milwaukee Bucks will be interested in trading him after his actions. However, he is only on a one-year contract and is an unrestricted free agent this offseason. While he may have a good relationship with Giannis Antetokounmpo, that doesn’t mean the Bucks will overlook his behavior and offer him a new contract.

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Because his contract is up, Beverley will not be traded by the Bucks and will enter free agency. Under the a*sumption that no team in the league would want to be a*sociated with Beverley, it would be fair to say that his NBA career would be over.

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