Fans Catch Travis Kelce on the Phone Again During ‘New Heights’ Podcast: ‘Totally Texting’ Taylor Swift

Is Taylor Swift Travis Kelce still texting?

The Kansas City Chiefs player was filmed absentmindedly looking at his phone during the latest episode of his “New Heights” podcast with his brother Jason Kelce.

As the brothers’ intern Brandon finished a Prize Picks commercial on Wednesday’s show, Jason whistled at his 34-year-old brother repeatedly until Travis looked up after typing a message – which led fans to speculate that he was sending something to Swift.

“HE WAS TOTALLY TEXTING TAYLOR,” Swiftie wrote in the YouTube video’s live chat.

Another agreed, saying: “My brother is texting our mother. »

In a sarcastic comment, a third joked: “Absolutely not texting Taylor here, absolutely not texting Travis lol.”

Swift’s fans previously spotted the tight member’s quick fingers in an October episode, criticizing him for looking stricken and typing with a “little smirk.”

The athlete was distracted during a commercial.
New Summits Podcast/YouTube

“He can’t hear you Jason!!! He’s texting Taylor!!!😂😂😂,” one podcast listener laughed at the time.

Others tried to guess the couple’s conversation after their back-to-back dinners in New York, with one speculating: “Travis texts Taylor: ‘Does your security guard think I’m pushed?’ I was just trying not to surprise him!!💔’”

Although Travis didn’t address his texting habits on either occasion, he did open up about Swift, 33, on Wednesday.

Swifties slammed him in the comments for appearing to send a message to the singer.
GC Images

The “Catching Kelce” alum recounted his “electric” experience at his concert in Argentina over the weekend, saying Saturday’s show was “a lot of fun.”

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He also reacted to Swift changing the lyrics to “Karma” to honor “the Chiefs guy” as opposed to “the guy on the screen,” aka her ex-boyfriend Joe Alwyn.

“I had no idea,” the NFL player recalled before clarifying that Swift gave him a “little hint” before the viral change.

The NFL player was also seen texting last month.
He and Swift have been together since September.

Travis added: “When I heard it come out of his mouth, it shocked me again. It was like, ‘Oh, she really just said that.’

The athlete also gave a rare glimpse into her first meeting with her father, Scott Swift, while out to dinner the night before.

“I persuaded him [to wear a Chiefs lanyard]said Travis, who has been romantically involved with Taylor since September. “He’s a great football player.”

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