Forecast for a sunny long weekend in Nova Scotia has campers excited after many devastated weekends

A nice long weekend is expected for Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

Camping enthusiasts say that after heavy rains that swept away many weekends, they are eager for warm, sunny weather to return.

Jim Prime, an Environment Canada meteorologist, says you can’t imagine if you’ve found the past few months even dimmer.

“In some places, rainfall will most likely be 100 to 200 percent above average rainfall amounts,” he says.

But he says sunshine and warm temperatures will return this weekend.

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“We’re going to start seeing New Brunswick and Nova Scotia in the 20s, into the mid-20s, and then maybe mid-week next week we’ll start to see the 20s,” he said. said the prime minister. . “With that also comes humidity.”

It’s something campers are looking forward to after previous trips this summer were cancelled.

“I won’t bring my rain shelter over the picnic table,” says Sean Graham, who was visiting Laurie Provincial Park on Friday. “I left it at home, so fingers crossed.”

He looked forward to spending time on his boat and at the beach.

“We brought our toys, but we rarely got to play with them when we were camping,” says Graham. “This is our third trip here. It’s not very far from our place, but it feels like a long way when you enter this beautiful campsite.

A spokesperson for Nova Scotia Parks says weather and wildfires have had an impact. The number of campsites between the May opening long weekend and the end of July is down 17 per cent at its 20 provincial campgrounds.

Although camping nights increased in May, they have been declining since.

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“June and July were a bit of a different story,” says Sandra Fraser, Parks Promotions Officer. “In June, we fell by 19 percent and in July by 18 percent for overnight stays camping.”

She doesn’t have data for August, but she hopes the numbers will improve and continue to do so through the fall.

Fraser encourages people to discover their favorite places before the end of the season.

“September is a really good month in Nova Scotia,” she says. “Hopefully it won’t be as wet, maybe not as many flies, and the parks are still open and there to enjoy. So get out there, go for a walk or visit a beach.

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