Fraudster Billy McFarland launches ‘Fyre II’ in the Hamptons

Fyre fraudster Billy McFarland was spotted on the Hamptons party scene last weekend after his release from prison.

And he’s even been heard talking about a Fyre Festival II – a follow-up to his legendary disastrous non-music festival from 2017.

McFarland and event producer Andy King – who rose to fame for joking in the Netflix documentary ‘Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened’ about being willing to perform oral s*x to smuggle bottles of water through customs in the Bahamas for the ill-fated party – were spotted at Montauk’s Dive Bar Pizza.

We heard that there were a handful of people, maybe 10 at the most, who were with the convicted scammer to chat with him about his “Fyre II” plans.

“He was ultra nice and polite,” said an a*shole, uh, source. “Like he was touched by his experience in prison.”

Billy McFarland was spotted talking about ‘Fyre Festival II’ in the Hamptons.

Billy McFarland
McFarland was sentenced to six years in prison, but was released early amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

McFarland was sentenced to six years in federal prison in 2018 after pleading guilty to 2 counts of wire fraud and using false documents to deceive investors out of $26 million.

After his first arrest, he was arrested for making $100,000 selling fraudulent tickets to highly coveted events like “Hamilton” and the Met Gala.

He was placed under house arrest in March 2022 and released in September 2022.

McFarland announced his latest project, “Fyre II,” on YouTube this month, saying tickets would sell for $499 for a December 2024 event.

McFarland says the 100 tickets he put up for sale are sold out, but of course, in the meantime, you can pick up merchandise like a $200 hoodie or $140 sweatpants.

While the original Fyre festival saw ticket holders arriving at the FEMA tents never seeing a band play, McFarland promised a successful event in his announcement video for Fyre II – saying he had thought of the idea while he was in solitary confinement.

fire festival
The participants of the original festival showed up in the Bahamas to find their accommodation.
Lee/Prahl/Splash News

He also claims he is working on a Fyre Festival musical for Broadway.

Kendall Jenner, who was just one of the best-known names to help promote the original failed festival, has settled a lawsuit filed against her in US Bankruptcy Court in New York by Gregory Messer, by May 2020, for $90,000.

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