“Freedom Convoy” trial Day 4: Lawyers to argue admissibility of Facebook evidence

The fourth day of the criminal trial of Freedom Convoy organizers Tamara Lich and Chris Barber will focus on whether Facebook content should be entered into evidence.

Lich and Barber helped bring a convoy of large trucks and other vehicles to Ottawa last year, where they stayed for three weeks, a chaotic protest against COVID-19 restrictions and the federal government.

The two men are co-accused of mischief, advising others to commit misdeeds, intimidation and obstructing the operation of the police.

The Crown says accepting the “Freedom Convoy 2022” Facebook page as evidence at trial is the first step toward proving the two organizers conspired together, and that evidence against either of them should stand. apply to both.

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Lich’s lawyer, Eric Granger, says the Crown is trying to present the court with 212 pages of Facebook evidence, including posts that were not posted by either Barber or Lich.

He says this is not the “Freedom Convoy” trial and that the evidence should focus on the actions of the two defendants.

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