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A good Samaritan rescued a cat who miraculously survived after being found in a freezing -51 wind chill.

On December 7, Blaze the cat was found on the side of a highway outside of Regina. He was taken to the Regina Humane Society (RHS), a local non-profit organization that cares for homeless, neglected and abused cats, dogs and other pets.


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“When the (good Samaritans) realized what it was, they stopped and tried to help Blaze and found he was actually frozen to the ground,” the marketing and public relations manager said. of RHS, Bill Thorne.

“They succeeded in freeing him and integrating him into human society.

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The first thing RHS did was try to slowly warm Blaze up and one of the front desk techs held him until he warmed up.

“When he arrived he also had an upper respiratory infection,” Thorne said. “So we had to deal with that. And they tried to keep an eye on him, but it was pretty obvious he was going to lose his earmolds.

Surgeons were able to surgically remove the tip of Blaze’s ear and now he is recovering in foster care, where he will receive the best care until he makes a full recovery.


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Cassie Josephson, who breeds RHS animals and cares for Blaze, said hearing about the story of Blaze’s rescue she couldn’t say no.

“It breaks my heart. Honestly, this weather is so awful, especially lately in this freezing weather,” she said. “I’m just so grateful that someone was able to save Blaze.”

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Josephson is part of the RHS Foster Care Program, a volunteer project for families or individuals who love animals but cannot commit to having a full-time pet.

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The foster placement program prepares animals for adoption into a forever home and helps prevent overcrowding in the shelter.

Thorne encourages pet owners to keep an eye on your pets, even your dogs.


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“When it’s so cold, when they go out in the yard to relieve themselves, they can still be very cold,” he said. “Look for obvious signs, chills, raised paws, that sort of thing. You can still walk around, but maybe stay a little closer to home or maybe play some indoor games or learn a few new tricks or something when it’s so cold to stay indoors.

Blaze is expected to make a full recovery and will continue to be assessed by RHS, so until then he will be enjoying the holidays with his adoptive mother.

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