George Santos shares photos to back up sketchy claims of early COVID-19 hospitalization: report

Truth-challenged Long Island Representative George Santos on Tuesday defended his claims that he was hospitalized with a serious early case of COVID-19 during the early weeks of the pandemic by presenting photographic evidence.

The 34-year-old congressman has dramatically recounted his battle with the virus on several occasions, though the timeline and severity have varied over the years, drawing skepticism given his penchant for fabrication.

Santos provided photos to Semafor of himself sick in a hospital bed in Queens. He also sent a screenshot of his positive test results.

Both photos include dates that show March 11, which roughly matches his timeline. Labcorp began testing for COVID-19 on March 5, according to the report.

Semafor noted that March 11 is the date Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson announced they had tested positive for the virus, the NBA announced it was shutting down the league, and the stock market plunged. Very few positive tests were recorded at the time.

On March 30, 2020, Santos told the “Empire State Conservative Podcast” that he was taken to Elmhurst Hospital in an ambulance with symptoms of COVID-19 earlier that month after possibly being exposed. to the virus at the Conservative Political Action Conference on February 27. 29. The photos he provided to Semafor include a hospital location stamp.

Santos gave different accounts of his COVID-19 experience.
George Santos

“Unfortunately on March 9 I became symptomatic of what we all know very well by now, COVID-19 aka coronavirus or commonly known as Chinese flu,” he said with a laugh. “On the 11th, I found myself in the hospital. It was really bad, fever, body aches, you know, all known symptoms there.

He told the podcast he had a temperature of 102.5 for five days and said he suffered from hallucinations. Santos also claimed the situation was particularly dangerous as he had pre-existing medical conditions and was recovering from a brain tumour.

“I have an immune deficiency and I have acute chronic bronchitis. I also battled a brain tumor a few years ago and had radiation therapy, which really lowers your immunity in general,” he said. “Radiation is not a game. I am susceptible to cancer. It’s in my DNA.

Four days after saying he had tested positive and was extremely ill, the rookie congressman – who was running at the time to represent New York’s 3rd congressional district – appeared virtually on PKB Business March 18, looking crisp and well fed. recovery and how he was no longer symptomatic.

George Santos COVID-19 test of March 11, 2020
Santos shared a screenshot of his COVID-19 test results, dated March 11, 2020.
George Santos

George Santos in a plastic isolation bubble.
Santos said he was isolated in a plastic bubble with an air filter because the hospital had “run out of isolation rooms”.
George Santos

The following month, however, Santos told a virtual COVID-19 town hall that he was still suffering from the virus up to the date of his television appearance.

In September 2020, he told the Island Now outlet that he had suffered “the worst two weeks of my adult life” during his supposed illness.

In an interview with PKB News In October, Santos claimed he caught the virus on “March 7”, not March 9 as he had previously said.

If true, Santos would have been among the first 11 patients in New York.

Santos told Semafor he became symptomatic on March 7 before eventually being admitted to hospital and placed in isolation. He declined to answer questions about a brain tumour, telling the outlet he was not yet ready to discuss his “complete medical history”.

George Santos
Santos, seen reacting to reporters’ questions on Tuesday, claimed he had a brain tumor which made his infection particularly dangerous.
Graeme Sloan/Sipa USA

His claims of having a brain tumor were repeated during his unsuccessful bid for Congress in 2020 and his successful campaign last year, the Daily Beast reported.

On March 5, 2021, Santos tweeted about the first anniversary of his hospitalization.

“A year ago today I was hospitalized unable to breathe [sic]. Later in the week my test came back positive for #COVID-19[FEMININE“, Il a écrit” J’étais cloué au lit pendant 10 jours consécutifs du 5 au 15. Jamais dans mon esprit je n’aurais pensé que nous serions encore en train de combattre cet ennemi invisible mais mortel aussi longtemps… »

Les divergences dans le récit de Santos ont été découvertes pour la première fois par le journaliste du Washington Post Dan Diamond sur son blog personnel le mois dernier.

George Santos serait en drag.
Le membre du Congrès a d’abord nié qu’il était un artiste de drag au Brésil malgré les photos et les vidéos qui ont fait surface ces dernières semaines.

Le membre du Congrès a été pris dans un étrange réseau de mensonges depuis son élection en novembre, mentant sur tout, depuis son emploi, son appartenance ethnique et ses derniers jours en tant que danseur de drag au Brésil.

Parmi ses affirmations les plus scandaleuses, mentionnons que sa mère est décédée lors des attentats du 11 septembre et que ses grands-parents ont échappé à la persécution nazie en Europe pendant la Seconde Guerre mondiale. En réalité, ses grands-parents et sa mère étaient au Brésil pendant ces deux tragédies, selon les dossiers d’immigration.


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