Giants are no strangers to being on the wrong side of long game winners

Do you feel like the Giants are often beaten by last second and very long baskets? Greg Joseph’s 61 yards in Minneapolis to give the Vikings a 27-24 victory was the fifth field goal in NFL history of 61 yards or more to win a game as time expired. The Giants have been on the wrong side of two of them.

In 2017, Jake Elliott of the Eagles rushed for 61 yards to beat the Giants 27-24. Sound familiar? When the Giants’ own kicker, Graham Gano, was with the Panthers in 2018, he hit a 63-yard field goal to give the Panthers a 33-31 lead. That kick, however, wasn’t the timer – there was one second left on the clock.

Joseph’s clutch kick continued a trend against the Giants. It was the eighth time in the past 10 seasons that the Giants had lost a game on a field goal when time expired. The last time that happened: Sept. 26, 2021, when the Falcons’ Younghoe Koo scored a 40-yard field goal to beat the Giants 17-14.

The Vikings’ Greg Josephs drills a field goal winner from 61 yards to beat the Giants.
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Eagles' Jake Elliot (4) celebrates after his 61 yard kick against the Giants in 2017.
Eagles’ Jake Elliot (4) celebrates after his 61 yard kick against the Giants in 2017.
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It’s not like it’s bad news for the Giants when it comes to field goals. Gano’s 55 yards against the Vikings made him 7 of 8 on 50-yard kicks more this season – his only miss was 58 yards in the elements and in overtime at FedEx Field to close a 20-20 tie with the commanders. Gano in his three seasons with the Giants has 20 field goals for 50 or more yards, 11 more than any other kicker in his entire Giants career.

The Giants have two chances to clinch a playoff berth, as they enter if they win one of their last two games. They would like to end it and celebrate at MetLife Stadium on Sunday against the Colts. If that doesn’t happen, the Giants are in if they beat the Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field in the regular season finale. If the Eagles beat the visiting Saints on Sunday, they’ll have the No. 1 seed in the NFC playoffs and little to play for in the Finals against the Giants.

There are also scenarios in which the Giants can qualify for the playoffs with two losses and a little help.

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Vikings CB Patrick Peterson is 32, in his 12th season in the NFL and an eight-time Pro Bowler. He was repeatedly beaten by WR Isaiah Hodgins, 24, who came to the Giants earlier this season with four career receptions with the Bills. Hodgins had a career-high eight catches for 89 yards, the most damage with Peterson in coverage. In the fourth quarter, however, Daniel Jones looked in Hodgins’ direction and the slightly back pass was intercepted by Peterson.

“I was actually on the sidelines and I was like I was going to have a choice pretty soon,” Peterson said. “Daniel tried me enough until he felt a little comfortable now and I’m going to come out here and get a pick for us, ended up getting an interception. It’s just confidence that I have in myself, the confidence that I have in my teammates, I’ve seen us work so hard and so much through training camp, through OTAs, through minicamp, and now everything materializes.

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