Growers harvest 82 per cent of crops as harvest nears end in Saskatchewan

The province received little precipitation this week and producers took advantage of the dry weather to harvest as many crops as possible.

The September 12-18 harvest report shows that 82 percent of the harvest is now complete.

According to the report, this figure is higher than the five-year average of 64 percent and the ten-year average of 62 percent. Growers hope that rain will arrive in time after the harvest season ends.

In the southwest, harvests are virtually complete, with 97 percent of crops already harvested. The mid-west region comes close with 92 percent.

“The southeast has 79 percent, followed by the northeast and northwest with 75 percent and finally, the east-central region garnered 66 percent,” the report said.

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Oilseed growing was the main concern for producers this week. Across the province, 65 percent of canola is already available. Mustard is 97 percent complete, soy is 47 percent, and flax is 39 percent.

“The oat harvest also progressed quickly, with 79 percent of the crop harvested, an increase of 21 percent from last week. Durum wheat is 94 percent complete, barley 92 percent, and spring wheat 88 percent. The chickpea harvest progressed, with 87 percent of the crop lost,” the report said.

Harvest is complete for the year for fall grains, canary seed, peas and lentils.

The province saw minimal precipitation throughout the week. The Stoughton area received the most rain with 10mm.

Topsoil moisture is decreasing again due to the lack of significant rain. Only 25 percent of cropland had adequate topsoil moisture, 49 percent had a shortage, and 26 percent had very little. About 20 percent of hay and pastures have adequate moisture, 49 percent are short, and 31 percent are very short.

The crop report indicates that pasture conditions remained largely unchanged.

Twelve percent of pastures are in good condition across the province, while 31 percent are fair, 35 percent are in poor condition and 22 percent are in very poor condition, the report said.

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Growers also reported crop damage last week, mainly due to drought, gra*shoppers, light frosts, wind and wildlife.

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