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The Okanagan Connector was closed on Christmas Eve after a bus accident injured 46 people. Despite poor road conditions, emergency teams responded quickly, according to eyewitnesses.

Meanwhile, Kelowna General, Royal Inland Hospital in Kamloops, Penticton and Merritt were preparing to receive patients. This started the code orange triage event and that means everyone is on deck.

“A Code Orange is an event; it’s part of the emergency response system that indicates mass loss,” said KGH Executive Director Jaymi Chernoff.

“So accidents obviously could have many connotations, but essentially there will be a large number of patients, which could have a huge impact on a facility. We can call a code orange.


4 dead, several injured in BC bus crash on Christmas Eve: RCMP

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At first, little information was available about who would come to KGH or the extent of their injuries. The hospital staff, however, were prepared for whatever lay ahead.

“The staff response has been amazing. We called in more emergency doctors, a whole bunch of surgical specialists, radiologists, all these people who came in very quickly to kind of be ready,” said Dr. Kevin Clark, trauma and emergency physician at the KGH.

It was a night when Jen Williams was working. After receiving the call, she said staff immediately began preparing wards and setting up triage areas.

“We discussed what we would probably see. We knew there were around 40 people on the bus, we didn’t know the extent of the injuries, we didn’t know how many people would come,” Dr Williams said.

All departments got involved. Many employees working the day shift stayed on, while others left their families on Christmas Eve to help out.

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There is a severe shortage of health care personnel here at Interior Health and across the province, which was not apparent at KGH that evening.

“We’re in a crisis situation overall, there’s no sugar coating that. But that night everyone came together and no one questioned anything about it. said Dr. Jen Williams.

KGH chief executive Jaymi Chernoff said her heart was with all the families and patients involved in the crash. However, she said she was extremely proud of the work that was done that night.

“What we saw in terms of the response on the 24th was just astounding,” Chernoff said.

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