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Toronto’s speed camera program has been in place since July 2020 and since then has collected tens of millions of dollars in fines.

The City of Toronto said in a statement to PKBNEWS on Friday that since its inception through October 31 this year, 560,000 charges have been filed under the Automated Speed ​​Enforcement (ASE) program in provincial offenses court. of Toronto.

During the same period, $34 million in fines were collected, the city said.

That figure only includes the amount of the set fine plus costs and fees, not the additional victim surcharge that violators must pay, the city noted.


Toronto adds 25 more speed cameras to its fleet of 50, new locations released

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“Revenues collected (set fines plus costs and fees) offset the cost of the program while the victim surcharge is remitted to the province,” the statement said.

The city said each device costs about $50,000 to operate and maintain each year, though that doesn’t include the costs of transportation services or court and legal services.

There are 50 speed cameras installed in Toronto, with two in each neighbourhood. In February, the total number of cameras in operation will increase to 75 after another 25 have been approved.

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