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Now that Christmas is over, Londoners may be looking to reuse or dispose of their Christmas trees.

For those wishing to dispose of them, the City of London asks that you drop them off at an EnviroDepot as there is no special curbside Christmas tree and winter greenery collection in January, whether as separate collection or with regular garbage collection.

Three additional drop-off days are offered, each open from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.:

  • Thursday, December 29
  • Tuesday, January 3
  • Sunday January 8


Get rid of the Christmas tree? Here are some eco-friendly ways to do it

Londoners are asked to remove all decorations, garlands, tinsel, skirts and lights from the tree before discarding them.

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For those who wish to reuse their Christmas tree, you can place it in your garden and it will become a habitat for birds.

In the spring, trees three meters or less can be placed at the curb for the regular collection of garden waste.


How to give a “second life” to your Christmas tree after the holidays

The city also provided some advice on waste and recycling:

  • Put gift wrap and bags in the trash. These items are often covered in plastic or foil containing colored dyes and are not recyclable, and can cause big problems for stationers when mixed with other products.
  • Flatten your boxes. Breaking down, flattening and bundling cardboard helps recycling trucks save space. Cardboard bundles should not exceed 75cm x 75cm x 30cm or stacked flat in your blue bin.
  • Avoid putting containers on snow banks. Snowbanks make it difficult to tell where a sidewalk is, so placing the bins on level ground helps keep collection crews safe.
  • Avoid “Wishcycling”, a term that refers to the assumption that an item is recyclable because one wishes it to be. Clementine boxes, ribbons, bows, decorations, plastic toys, Styrofoam and soiled paper plates are just some of the items that don’t belong in the blue bin, but which are often considered recyclable.

If you’re not sure what goes in the blue box, the city recommends downloading the RecycleCoach app to help answer what goes where, among other waste reduction tips.

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