I am a stripper – I returned to work 5 days after giving birth

A new mom gets advice – but not the kind you might think.

Jaelyn Cox, a 29-year-old OnlyFans model and dancer from Glasgow, Scotland, has revealed she returned to work as a stripper just five days after giving birth to her second daughter.

The dancer explained that she didn’t want to miss out on the potential income she could earn online and in person.

“I was back in the hustle and bustle five days after giving birth,” Cox told the Scottish Sun.

However, her boyfriend was extremely unhappy with her decision.

“He was raging, telling me I needed time to rest,” Cox said. “But my boyfriend does most of the night feedings. So I can earn money at night and he takes care of the babysitting.

The Post has reached out to Cox for comment.

Cox makes more than $900 a night from the adult venue Seventh Heaven in the city center, according to the outlet. She is also popular on the AdmireMe platform.

This isn’t the first time Cox’s boyfriend has been disappointed with his life choices. During her pregnancy, he didn’t appreciate her sexy clothes, like knee-high boots and heels, according to the Sun.

Cox said her pregnancy body is attracting even more men than ever before. She is pictured here with one of her two daughters.
Instagram / Jaelyn Cox

“My boyfriend kept saying ‘you can’t wear that’ because I was pregnant,” she told the Scottish Sun.

Although, perhaps shockingly, other men have said far worse. A labor nurse took to TikTok last year to share the horrific thing she heard in the delivery room, including a man who ‘jokingly’ told his wife to get back to the gym and another who asked when they could have sex again.

Although Cox has since given birth, the pregnancy doesn’t seem to have stopped her from making big money. She said having a baby bump has only helped her business, as many guys have fetishes for her big belly.

“My body has changed, my boobs are huge,” she told the Scottish Sun last August. “I feel like I’ve made more money since I got pregnant.”

In some cases, she chose to hide the bump.

“As long as I can hide it and it’s not so visible, there are other things you can wear like skirts that can hide your belly,” she explained at the time.

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