“I want to be rea*sured”: Sixth sinkhole hits Langley property near TMX pipeline construction

When Rob Rindt drove onto his Langley, B.C., property Tuesday morning and saw a work crew peering into a large hole, he felt like he was sinking.

“It was pretty deep,” Rindt told PKBNEWS.

The team, made up of workers working on the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion, a*sessed a sinkhole approximately three meters (10 feet) wide and three meters deep.

And it wasn’t the first to appear. Rindt says six sinkholes have opened on or near his property since April.

Rindt, a Langley Township alderman, grows sod for the turf fields and co-owns the Roots and Wings Distillery on the property.

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“It’s a huge concern,” he said.

“If I drive a tractor or one of my brothers – or, more importantly, my kids drive around here almost every day in golf carts and alligators. »

Across the street from Rindt’s property, Trans Mountain contractors are drilling underground for the ma*sive pipeline project, which will double the existing line between Alberta and Burnaby.

He spoke with PKBNEWS in June when the fifth hole – about nine meters (30 feet) deep – opened.

After that incident, he said the company sent a team equipped with ground-penetrating radar who a*sured him everything was safe and sound in the area.

He is now trying to bring in an independent expert to a*sess the area.

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“We shouldn’t have to do this or worry about children falling into sinkholes,” he said.

“I want some a*surance that this won’t happen again, a little more than last time because we’re sitting here staring at a hole.”

In an email, a Trans Mountain spokesperson said the company believed the incident was weather-related.

“Due to weather conditions, including heavy rains in the area, a small void formed in the ground after the pipe was installed. Our team filled the gap,” the company said.

“Trans Mountain is actively working with the affected landowner and will implement additional mitigation measures if necessary. »

Trans Mountain added that pipeline installation in the area has been completed and cleanup is underway.

It said it had also carried out “extensive” seismic studies to a*sess underground conditions and would continue to monitor them.

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