Indigenous star blanket project in Calgary ‘brings comfort to people’ – Calgary

Calgarians are coming together in a new way to mark this year’s National Day for Truth and Reconciliation.

They invite everyone to join them in continuing an important Indigenous tradition.

Members of the Indigenous community create a traditional star blanket.

“Many indigenous people use it as a form of giving, as an honor for any rite of pa*sage – graduation, marriage, the birth of a child,” said project leader Dale Swampy.

Project participants are inviting members of the public to join their star blanket making sessions, creating them as part of their preparations for the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation on September 30.

“Continuing the tradition of making these products – it became a question of what does reconciliation mean to me?” » said Swampy. “I want to take that energy and put it on the star cover.”

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Participants make the star blanket at Sparrow Artspace in northeast Calgary as part of an exhibition called “Honoring the Children.”

The exhibition features the work of indigenous artists.

Danielle Piper’s article focuses on her family members’ experiences in the residential school system.

“I think it’s really important to see the truth so we can heal from it,” Piper said. “There is no healing unless we can see the reality of what happened.”

Those involved in the project will bring the finished star blanket to a public event at Calgary’s Millenium Park on September 30.

The CIF Reconciliation Society launched the project.

“To me, a blanket is something that brings comfort to people and brings them together,” said Sheila Norris, of the company.

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“It represents everyone in our community, not just Indigenous people – it’s everyone, and it will start conversations, it will allow people to look to the future and walk in a good way, together.”

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